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Norham Castle Excavations: July

NORHAM CASTLE EXCAVATIONS: Friday 10th – Monday 20th July 2015.

Following initial excavations in 2013 a second and final season of Flodden 1513 fieldwork will investigate earthworks on the south side of the castle.

Volunteers please sign up at the following address:


Please indicate which days you would like to attend and your level of experience.

Instruction and equipment will be provided, but volunteers should be
equipped with suitable clothing and footwear as well as a packed lunch.
Working days will be 9-30am – 4-30pm.

Norham Castle 2015 - Volunteer notice

Border Archaeological Society – next meeting: 1st June

The  next meeting of Border Archaeological Society is on Monday 1st June:

The Lecture is entitled ‘Routes to Flodden in 1513’ and David Caldwell (Historian and Museum Curator ) will be giving the Lecture.

The meeting will start at 7.30pm, at the Parish Centre, Berwick on Tweed, see website for further detail and entrance fee (if applicable).

More information on the lecture, the Society and it’s activities can be found at:




Flodden Metal Detecting Training 31st January and 1st February

Following requests from several interested parties this two day course will take place in January 31st and February 1st (Saturday and Sunday) and will be based in Norham. The aim of the course will be to look at the basics of archaeological metal detecting, how the project’s standard machines work, how we use them as archaeologists and how to recover finds identified through metal detecting.

The first part of the day (31st January) 0900-1300 will be based in doors at Norham Village Hall. The course will them move out doors to examine a field currently under grass in the vicinity of the Norham at Ladykirk on the Scottish side. This practical experience is the best way to learn metal detecting with the support of the project’s metal detecting expert Ian Glendinning.

Day two will be to provide a further opportunity to practice (and will for those who missed it on day one provide an opportunity to hear Ian’s indoor talk again).

 This course is aimed at those with no or limited experience.

There will be 10 places per day. Priority on day 2 will be given to those who attend day 1.

 For any questions or bookings please contact Chris on Flodden500@Gmail.com

 If you want to take part you will need to be a fieldwork member of TillVAS (£2 for a year’s cover – you can pay Ian on the day. If you have already paid in the last 12 months you are already covered)

Flodden 1513 – Excavations at Ellemford, 4-14 October

Flodden 1513 – Excavations at Ellemford, 4-14 October

Interested in the Archaeology of the Scottish Army of 1513?

Come and join us to dig on the site of the Border muster of August 1513. We will be excavating features identified through geophysical survey on the northern shore of Whiteadder Water at Ellemford Bridge.

No previous experience is needed, on site training will be provided. Experienced excavators are also welcome.

Join us for half a day, or as many of the 10 days as you would like.

Contact Chris Burgess by email at Flodden500@gmail.com to book your place.

(Places limited to 15 people per day, so early booking recommended)

Flodden Peace Centre August 2014- WWI Exhibitions, Hiroshima Day and The Railway Men

Flodden Peace Centre at Crookham – August 2014

Monday August 4th 11 – 3pm 100th Anniversary of the start of World War I including three exhibitions, stained glass art installation and Solemn Ceremony

  • Till Valley Archaeological Society (TilVAS) WW1 local history exhibition featuring those who fought and died from Crookham and the surrounding villages.
  • British Legion exhibition.
  • Exhibition and Speaker, Mike Fraser on Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Secretary during WW1 Sir Edward, great nephew of Earl Grey. Sir Edward conducted most of his government affairs from Falloden Hall, Northumberland.
  • Mike Fraser speaks on new research of local conscientious objectors and their tribunals.
  • Local musicians are invited to play during the day.
  • Poppy flowers planted in the garden are blessed and solemn commemoration ceremony.
  • Ringing of the Peace Bell
  • Guided tours of the Peace Garden.
  • Dedication of stained Glass art installation devised by Heather Fisher, in the Peace Garden.
  • Refreshments served throughout the day.

Timetable for the day:

11am Opening.

11 – 3 Three Exhibitions

11 – 11. 45am Garden: Ringing of the Peace Bell, Solemn commemoration, and dedication of art installation.

12 -12.30 Meet at Garden Gate: Guided Peace Garden Tour.

1 – 2 Hall: Speaker and Question and Answer time with Mike Fraser on Conscientious Objectors and their local Military Tribunals.

2 – 2.30 Meet at Garden Gate: Guided Peace Garden Tour.

3pm: closing, ringing of Peace Bell.

Free event – Donations divided equally between the Crookham Branch of The British Legion and Flodden Peace Centre.


Wednesday August 6th 7pm 9pm– Hiroshima Day.

7pm – A short ceremony by the weeping Pear Tree in the Peace Garden.

7.30 Introductory presentation of book The Railway Man, by Eric Lomax provided by Sabrina Maule who worked with, and typed early drafts of Eric’s book over a twenty-year period

Sabrina taught Arts and Technology at Tweedmouth Middle School. She worked for many years for Eric Lomax while he was writing ‘The Railway Man’, typing up drafts before and after Eric’s visit to Japan to meet Nagase Takashi.

Sabrina, 20 years ago, when she was at home with small children, started working for Eric Lomax, typing up the drafts of ‘The Railway Man’ and continued to work on it until publication.   She has interesting stories to tell about the experience – in particular the transformation in Eric after he met, and forgave, Nagase Takashi.

Kathy Teirnan, local published author (‘Place of Repose’), will lead the book discussion. We may be able to persuade her to bring some copies to sign and sell.  The discussion will be yours, feel free to come if you have seen the film or the book or neither! Kathy Tiernan lives in Berwick, and has worked as an English teacher, arts administrator and shiatsu practitioner. She is currently working on an MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University.

Refreshments will be served.

Free Event – Donations to the Flodden Peace Centre and towards expenses of guest speakers.


Friday 22nd August 7pm – 9.30pm screening of The Railway Man

The evening begins in the Peace Garden with presentation by George Frewing aged 11 yrs and family, of money raised during The Wooler Wheel cycling event in the spring, sponsored by Doddington Ice Cream and Borders Radio. George raised £270 to contribute to the hand carved oak garden furniture and wooden swords of the combat zone. The Peace Centre is grateful to all the sponsors and to George for making it possible. George Frewing attends St Pauls RCVA Middle School in Alnwick and is very well known for his sporting successes. He plays for Alnmouth Cricket team, as well as Nothumberalnd County Cricket; and plays football for Alnwick and the County. Cycling is part of his fitness training for squash, rugby, and golf at Foxton. His father John Frewing of Warkworth accompanied him on the 30k cycle ride. The Frewings were able to stop for a picnic breakfast and learn about the Peace Centre while on the ride.

Refreshments served in the hall, prior to screening.

7.30 pm Screening of film (112 min) Fit for viewing 15 years or more.

7.30pm – 8.30pm Guided Tour of Peace garden for those aged under 15 yrs, and any older people who care to join the tour.

The 22nd August 2014 will be the 150th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Geneva Convention in 1864 to protect the sick and wounded in armies in the field paving the way for the 1949 Geneva Convention, of which Japan was not a signatory, during the Second World War.

Free event – Donations for refreshments and the Flodden Peace Centre Garden are welcome we require a further £300 towards remaining seating and to purchase some more dark and forbidding trees at the entrance to replace some originals which sadly have not survived transplant in the early days of the garden.


Full details and directions to Flodden Peace Centre available at www.flodden1513.com See the events section and the Flodden Peace Centre pages of the Eco Museum website.


Tel: Rev Mary Taylor tel: 01896 756990

Excavations at Wark Castle – Flodden 1513

Flodden 1513: Excavations at Wark Castle

Saturday 29th March – Tuesday 8th April 2013

Early in March GUARD Archaeology from Glasgow and Volunteers from the Flodden 1513 project carried out a three day geophysical survey at Wark Castle with a view to identifying targets for excavations at the end of March and in early April. The target of this work was a field to the west of the Castle Motte which shows features very similar to those seen in the field targeted for excavations at Norham Castle in 2013.

Wark Castle Geophysical Survey Grid

Wark Castle was for much of its life a typical Norman type Motte and Bailey and in important point of contact for international relations between England and Scotland. Along with Norham the castle was the target of a Scottish siege during the first days of James IV’s invasion of England. Little is know about the siege which took place on or around the 22-25 August 1513 other than that the castle fell to Scottish forces. After the Scottish Army was destroyed on Flodden Field the castle was recaptured by the English, and again like Norham was in the following 10 years subject to a redevelopment programme paid for by Henry VIII that saw the motte capped with a new stone artillery tower.

Wark Castle Resistivity Survey Results

The Geophysical survey and coming excavations are an opportunity to examine buried features to the west of the castle motte. It is hoped that these will allow us to investigate some or all of the following:

      • Evidence from the 1513 siege of Wark Castle
      • The wider extent of the Wark Castle
      • Features of the refurbishment of the Castle between 1514-1520
          For those wishing to take part no previous experience is necessary just a willingness to join in and try it out. Volunteers wishing to sign up can join in for 1/2 or whole days and for individual periods or the whole 10 days.

For those wishing to book places please contact Chris Burgess (Flodden500@gmail.com) to book a place on a first come first served basis.

Flodden Geophysical Training March 3-6th

Flodden Geophysical Training March 3-6th

Monday 3rd March – Wednesday 6th March 2013

Geophysical survey will start at WARK CASTLE on 3rd March 2014 and continue for 3 days. Volunteers are welcome between 10am and 4pm daily and will have an opportunity to use geophysical equipment and work with professional geophysicists from Glasgow University.

No previous experience is necessary just a willingness to join in and try it out. Volunteers wishing to sign up can join in for 1/2 or whole days and for individual periods or the whole 3 days.

Those taking part will need to wear none magnetic clothing (i.e. no metal) so wellies or walking boots with plastic eyes, trousers where possible without metal studs or zips and similarly coats with plastic zips would be preferable

Please contact Chris Burgess (Flodden500@gmail.com) to book a place on a first come first served basis.