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Festival of Archaeology 2015: Binchester Roman Festival

Binchester Roman Festival

Binchester Roman Fort will be holding a two day event featuring a tented encampment of artisans and craftspeople, mock combat between Roman and barbarian forces, displays of archery, slingstaffs and firing of a full-scale replica of the Roman artillery catapult known as the ballista.

There will also be displays of fighting skills on horseback by Barbaratus the Roman cavalryman. In addition, there will be guided tours of the new excavations, now in their final season, which have revealed Roman buildings in a marvellous state of preservation.

Date 1: Sat 25th Jul 2015 11:00-16:30

Date 2: Sun 26th Jul 2015 11:00-16:30

Additional information
The programme of events begins at 11.00 on both days, repeated at 14.00 and finishing about 16.30.

Further details including entry costs can be found at: http://www.archaeologyfestival.org.uk/events/1829

Festival of Archaeology 2015: The Great North Archaeology Event

The Great North archaeology event

Sat 25th Jul 2015

Come to the Great North Museum: Hancock and meet the expert curators and handle museum artefacts from prehistoric Britain. You will also be able to work with the learning team to make a prehistoric shelter to take home and try your hand at designing rock using clay.

See the following for more information, including directions:



Festival of Archaeology 2015: WallQuest Family Picnic at Segedunum

WallQuest family picnic at Segedunum

Mon 20th Jul 2015 11:00-13:00

Following the discovery of the Roman bath house at Segedunum in 2014, there are still lots of secrets being unearthed and recovered at the archaeological digs going on around the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall. What will the archaeologists discover in 2015?

Visit the new Roman gallery and the travelling British Museum’s ‘Roman Empire: Power & People’ exhibition, and enjoy opportunities to learn more about objects which have been extracted from the archaeological digs. With lots of hands on activities on offer, there will be something suitable for all the family at our magnificent world heritage site.

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Festival of Archaeology 2015: Maryport and its Roman altars: the Roman temples project, Maryport

Maryport and its Roman altars: the Roman temples project, Maryport

Tuesday 14 July at 6.30pm

A lecture in Durham by Professor Ian Haynes (Newcastle University) and Dr Tony Wilmott (English Heritage) about Maryport and its Roman altars: the Roman temples project, Maryport.

A team of archaeologists and volunteers led by Professor Ian Haynes with site director Tony Wilmott are excavating on part of the Roman site at Maryport. The Roman Temples project is part of a five-year programme funded by Senhouse Museum Trust, with in-kind support from Newcastle University, designed to better understand the environment in which the altars in the Museum are displayed.

This event is organised by  Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland, see their website: http://www.aasdn.org.uk/lectures.htm for further details of this and other activities

The lecture will take place at

Elvet Riverside block 2, Room 201
New Elvet,

Festival of Archaeology 2015: Living History with St. Cuthbert’s Land

Living History with St. Cuthbert’s Land

Sat 11th Jul 2015 – Sun 12th Jul 2015

St. Cuthbert’s Land bring archaeology to life with a living encampment at Bamburgh Castle. They will be demonstrating military training as well as bringing to life the Anglo-Saxon lifestyle with ongoing cooking and weaving by their group.

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Festival of Archaeology 2015: The Archaeology of Timothy Hackworth’s Soho works

The Archaeology of Timothy Hackworth’s Soho works:

Sat 11th Jul 2015 – Sun 26th Jul 2015

Learn more about pioneering railway engineer Timothy Hackworth’s Soho works, using models and historical maps to explore this area of the museum site.

The event will be held at Locomotion: The NRM at Shildon  between Sat 11th Jul 2015 10:00-17:00 — Sun 26th Jul 2015 10:00-17:00

See http://www.archaeologyfestival.org.uk/events/1813 for further details about this event

Festival of Archaeology 2015: Mulgrave Woods near Whitby

Mulgrave Woods near Whitby

Sat 18th Jul 2015, 11:00-15:00

Visit to Lythe church to see the Viking stones followed by a walk around historic Mulgave Woods, about 4 miles. Moderate walking with a series of steps to the Castle. It starts at the church and finishes at Mill Cottage, East Row car park, Sandsend.

Organiser: Whitby Naturalists’ Club

For Booking details and further information see: http://www.archaeologyfestival.org.uk/events/2093