In this page we’ve listed all the regular local society events that we are told or heard about – this does not stop them or others being noted closer to the time as well, or additions being made to the page. If you can’t see your local society’s programme here, please let us know if you want that adding in.

Also please let us know if your society’s details are incorrect or need amending. All details are correct to the best of our knowledge, however it is suggested you confirm with the appropriate organisation. The best way to contact us is through emailing

Enjoy! As ever check with the local society concerned for any further details that you may need. Their details can be found on our Local Societies and Groups page. The date below gives you when this listing was last updated.


January 2018
3 January – Ford Westfield Farm in the 19th century, David Lockie [TILLVAS]
11 January – AGM and Members’ 20th Anniversary Talks [APPLEBY]
17 January – Geordies in the Alentejo (Fieldwork in Portugal 1986-93), Gordon Moir, [NAG]
20 January – The amiable Dr. Spence: sermons and gardens in mid-eighteenth century Durham, Martin Roberts [ARCH & ARCH]
25 January – Bodies of Evidence, Professor Tim Thompson [TAS]
27 January – Amasis, a true philhellene? Reconsidering evidence from Memphis, Claus Jurman [NEAES] Please note the new date!!
27 January  – Made of stone but built on sand: what now for rock art research?, Don O’Meara [TYNEDALE]
31 January – The Saint and The Devil: Saint Cuthbert and the Vikings, Max Adams [SOCANTS]

February 2018
5 February – Scotland’s early silver – from Roman bribes to Pictish bling, Fraser Hunter [BAS]
7 February – Northumbrian Earth, Ian Kille [TILLVAS]
7 February – AGM [TYNEDALE]

8 February – Travels of an archaeologist, Patricia Shaw [APPLEBY]
10 February – How can the study of place names help the archaeologist? and Early Medieval North Pennines, Prof Diana Whaley and Dr David Petts respectively [ALTOGETHER]

12 February – Title to be confirmed, Jamie Lund [LUNESDALE]
13 February – The Industrial Archaeology of the Infrastructure of Rocket Research and Missile Deployment, Wayne Cocroft [NEWCOMEN]

14 February – The Bedale Iron Age enclosure and Aiskew Roman villa: excavations ahead of the BALB bypass, Jenny Proctor [NAG]
15 February – The 2017 Excavations at Hepden Burn and Buckham’s Walls Burn, Richard Carlton & John Nolan [CCA]
17 February – Ancient DNA and Archaeology: deciphering human prehistoric migrations, Dr Eva Fernandez-Dominguez [ARCH & ARCH]
28 February – Northumberland and its Names c. 1860 – New light from the Ordnance Survey Name Books, Diana Whaley [SOCANTS]

March 2018
1 March – Bronze Age metallurgy, Ben Roberts [CCA]

5 March – Whitby Abbey, Tony Wilmott [BAS]
3 March – Dere Street – the archaeology of a Border Road, David Jones [ARCH & ARCH]
7 March – Early Bronze Age Practices in NE England and SE Scotland, Dr Chris Fowler [TILLVAS]
8 March – Headlands to Headspace: the archaeology of the HLF funded Project on the heritage of Morecambe Bay, Louise Martin [APPLEBY]
12 March – Romano-British local supply to the Roman Army in the Northwest, Sue Stallibrass [LUNESDALE]
14 March – Pineapples for the Prince Bishops!, Harry Beamish [NAG]
17 March – Altogether Archaeology AGM and AA’s 2017 investigation of the Well Head settlement at Holwick, Upper Teesdale and Scandinavian influences in the Tees Valley, Martin Green and others, as well as Liz Ryan [ALTOGETHER]

17 March – Late Palaeolithic Rock Art at Qurta in Egypt & The Old Kingdom Settlement at El-Kab: recent excavation and fieldwork, Dr Dirk Huyge & Dr Walter Claes [NEAES]
28 March – A frontier and community in transition: the Tungrian Vindolanda, Andrew Birley [SOCANTS]

April 2018
4 April – AGM and further details to be confirmed [TILLVAS]

9 April – Durham and the Battle of Dunbar: Identifying Scottish soldiers at Palace Green, Durham, Richard Annis [BAS]
11 April – The Peregrini Project: Excavations on Lindisfarne, Richard Carlton [NAG}

12 April – The Late Iron Age royal site at Stanwick, North Yorkshire: new perspectives, Professor Colin Haselgrove [APPLEBY]
20 April – Archaeology and the small finds of North-East England [Joint conference between the Finds Research Group, Durham University and the ARCH & ARCH]
21 April – Spinning yarns and skinning rabbits in the later Medieval period: new contributions to the archaeology of religion, sexuality and daily life, Dr Eleanor Standley [ARCH & ARCH]
25 April – Scotland’s Law Lords v. Northumbrians Behaving Badly – a look at crossborder crime, Margaret Fox [SOCANTS]
27 April – Women in Roman Britain, Lindsay Allason-Jones [CCA]

May 2018
2 May – [Title to be confirmed], Dr Kirsty McCarrison [TILLVAS]
9 May – Aircraft Crash Sites: their study and recovery, Jonathan Shipley [NAG]

14 May – Finding a lost Lindisfarne Estate, Colm O’Brien [BAS]
19 May – Tell Timai and its Terracotta Figures, James Bennett [NEAES]
30 May – Hoppy North: The Practice, Meaning and Sensory Experience of Brewing Beer in Rural Northumberland, 1560-…, Leona Skelton [SOCANTS]

June 2018
4 June – The Archaeology of St John Lateran and the Transformation of Rome from Caesar to Constantine, Ian Haynes [BAS]

6 June – Place Names in Northumberland, Professor Diana Whaley [TILLVAS]
27 June – The North East Coast Exhibition 1929, John Griffiths [SOCANTS]
Date to be confirmed – Stone Carving, Mick Oakey [NEAES]

July 2018
Date to be confirmed – The Archaeology of Urban Life (and death) at Amarna, Anna Stevens [NEAES]
25 July – John Clayton: Excavator, Collector and Conservator, Frances McIntosh [SOCANTS]

August 2018
29 August – William Corbett’s bookshop: a seventeenth-century Newcastle bookseller and his books, Claire Boreham [SOCANTS]

September 2018
3 September – The Enigmatic Trusty’s Hill: Royal Capital of Rheged, Chris Bowles [BAS]

26 September – Collecting at Alnwick Castle: engraved gems in the collection of the Duke of Northumberland, Claudia Wagner [SOCANTS]

October 2018
1 October – The Phallus and the Frontier: the form and function of Phallic Imagery along Hadrian’s Wall, Rob Collins [BAS]

13 October – Living Abroad: Small Finds and the Ramesside Town at Amara, West in Nubia, Manuela Lehman [NEAES]
31 October – The Great Wall Story – the way I have discovered it, William Lindesay [SOCANTS]

November 2018
6 November – The Earliest Farmers in Northwest Europe: recent advances in our understanding, Peter Rowley-Conwy & Kurt Gron [BAS]

7 November – The Roman Temples at Maryport, Professor Ian Haynes [TILLVAS]
24 November – Annual Study Day: Temples, Cults and Rituals & AGM, Sarah Griffiths, Campbell Price & Penny Wilson [NEAES]
28 November – Impressing People: Seals and Medieval Society, Elizabeth New [SOCANTS]

December 2018
3 December – Plunging climate and tsunami impacts on the Mesolithic population of northern Britain, Clive Waddington [BAS]


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