In this page we’ve listed all the regular local society events that we are told or heard about – this does not stop them or others being noted closer to the time as well, or additions being made to the page. If you can’t see your local society’s programme here, please let us know if you want that adding in. The best way to contact us is through emailing

Also please let us know if your society’s details are incorrect or need amending. If you would like further information regarding them – as to whether online live or recorded, or in-person – please contact the local group given for more details. Their details can be found on our Local Societies and Groups page. The date below gives you when this listing was last updated.



2021 Local Society and Group Events
January 2021

6 January – Excavations at Garton Wetwang in Yorkshire for comparisons with Mardon, Dr John Dent [TILLVAS]
14 January – AGM and member’s evening [APPLEBY]
16 January – The Sensorial Regime of “Second Slavery”, Dr Rui Gomes Goelho [ARCH & ARCH]
26 January – Creating a better place: the Environment Agency and Archaeology and Greatham Creek and elsewhere on Teesside, Jennifer Morrison [TAS]
27 January – AGM for 2019, anniversary meeting and The Way of the Sword: New Insights on Bronze Age Fighting, Dr Andrea Dolfini [SANT]

February 2021
1 February – Stone heads in the Roman Military Zone and what they tell us about people, Lindsay Allason-Jones [BAS]
3 February – Excavations at Hunting Hall, Lowick, Kristian Pedersen [TILLVAS]
23 February – The Saxon and Medieval Church in the Lower Tees Valley, Robin Daniels [TAS]
24 February – Landscapes of the Great Depression in the North East, Ronan O’Donnell [SANT]

March 2021
1 March – Relic and Narratives of Bodily Integrity in Byzantine Christianity, Sophie Moore [BAS]
3 March – A Family Life revealed, the Stuarts of Traquair, Margaret Fox [TILLVAS]
11 March – Archaeology in the Westmorland Dales, Hannah Kingsbury [APPLEBY]
13 March – Visualising Vindolanda: from field to museum, Rhys Williams [ARCH & ARCH]
18 March – The Bamburgh Ossuary, Jessica Turner [CCA]
21 March – The Wooden Underworld: the wooden collection at Vindolanda, |Dr Anneke Hackenbroich [SANT]
30 March – The Battle of Fulford, 1066, Chas Jones [TAS]

April 2021
5 April – Lindisfarne Priory Museum collections: a curator’s view, Susan Harrison [BAS]
7 April – AGM and Redesdale, Richard Carlton [TILLVAS]
8 April – Holwick – Middleton in Tees, Martin Green [APPLEBY]
27 April – Bronze Age metals and mobility in Northeast England, Ben Roberts [TAS]
28 April – Annual General Meeting for 2020 and Somme Crosses of the Durham Light Infantry: a case study in memorialisation, Dr Andrew Marriott [SANT]

May 2021
5 May – The Old Ancrum Bridge, Geoff Parkhouse [TILLVAS]
6 May AGMs for 2020 and 2021 and A Lesser Known Coquetdale Antiquarian – the Rev. Alexander Scott of Rothbury, Adam Welfare [CCA]
10 May – Green treasures from the magic mountains: the amazing story of Scotland’s Neolithic jade axes, Alison Sheridan [BAS]
26 May – In defence of Brancepeth: the Medieval origins of Brancepeth Castle, Penny Middleton [SANT]

June 2021
2 June – Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project, Greg Finch [TILLVAS]
7 June – The Genesis of Northumbria: reconsidering the origins of an ‘English’ kingdom in the light of new data, Rob Collins [BAS]
30 June – Mrs Atkinson’s World, Richard Atkinson [SANT]

July 2021
28 July – The discovery and excavation of the Roman baths at Wallsend, Dr Nick Hodgson [SANT]

August 2021

September 2021
1 September – Cuthbert of Farne, Katherine Tiernan [TILLVAS]
6 September – Dere Street – one of the Border Roads, David Jones [BAS]
16 September – The North East Lead Industry in the 18thcentury, Dr Greg Finch [CCA]
29 September – Putting the Prehistory of the North Pennines on the Map: Discoveries Made During the English Heritage ‘Miner-Farmer Landscapes’ Projects, Alastair Oswald [SANT]

October 2021
4 October – Inscriptions and Sculptures in the Quarries of Hadrian’s Wall, Jon Allison [BAS]
6 October – Dere Street, David Jones [TILLVAS]
27 October – To the Island of Tides, Alistair Moffat [SANT]

November 2021
1 November – Questions of Identity – some recent case studies on the Vikings in Scotland, including the warrior from Auldhame, East Lothian, Caroline Paterson [BAS]
3 November – Doon Hill revisited, Ian Ralston [TILLVAS]
4 November – Rock Art Discoveries in the Eden Valley, Kate Sharpe [CCA]
18 November – Archaeology in Industrial Folk Songs, Rob Young [CCA]
24 November – Horsley Memorial Lecture: One Step at a Time: Planning, Surveying and Building Hadrian’s Wall, and the Implications, Professor David Breeze [SANT]

December 2021
1 December – The Salcombe Shipwreck, Ben Roberts [TILLVAS]
6 December – Lumps, Bumps and Fairy Tales – the joys of field archaeology, Dugald McInnes [BAS]

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