In this page we’ve listed all the regular local society events that we are told or heard about – this does not stop them or others being noted closer to the time as well, or additions being made to the page. If you can’t see your local society’s programme here, please let us know if you want that adding in.

Also please let us know if your society’s details are incorrect or need amending. All details are correct to the best of our knowledge, however it is suggested you confirm with the appropriate organisation. The best way to contact us is through emailing

Enjoy! As ever check with the local society concerned for any further details that you may need. Their details can be found on our Local Societies and Groups page. The date below gives you when this listing was last updated.


January 2019
2 January – History of Ford Castle, Paul Thompson [TILLVAS]
7 January – In Situ underground remains in UK mines, Chris Twigg [Cleveland Industrial Archaeological Society]
10 January – Member’s Evening and AGM [APPLEBY]
14 January – The Personal Memories of a Farm Manager, Peter Calder [Lowick Heritage Group]
16 January – The Must Farm pile-dwelling: archaeological investigations of a Bronze Age Fenland settlement, Iona Robinson Zeki [LUNESDALE]
16 January – Excavations at Star Carr: new light on an old site, Dr Chantal Conneller [NAG]
19 January – The Finds Liaison Scheme for Durham, Darlington & Teesside, An update of the Holwick 2018 excavation, and Holwick finds and those from other sites in the Tees Valley, Ben Westwood, Martin Green, and Tony Metcalfe respectively [ALTOGETHER]
19 January – The Battle of Brunnenburh – near Durham?, Dr David Shotton [ARCH & ARCH]

24 January – North Eastern World War One Aerial Photography by Gladstone Adams, Keith Newman [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]
26 January – Social Maps of the Late Egyptian Period (664-332 BC), Elena Tiribilli [NEAES] 

29 January – AGM and The Last Three Years at Vindolanda, Marti Alberti [TAS]
30 January – Northumberland and its names c. 1860 – New light from the Ordnance Survey Name Books, Diana Whaley [SOCANTS]

February 2019
4 February – The Paxton Waterwheel: restoration of an 18th century water supply system, John Home-Robertson [BAS]
6 February – Operation Nightingale, Alexander Sotheran [TILLVAS]
6 February – AGM and presentations [TYNEDALE]
7 February – The first season’s work at Linbrig, John Nolan [CCA]
11 February – Holy Island lifeboats, Linda Bankier [Lowick Heritage Group]
11 February – Viking age Cumbria, Fiona Edmonds [LUNESDALE]
12 February – Sir William Arrol & Co Ltd, Dr Miles Oglethorpe [NEWCOMEN]
13 February – Archaeobotany and urban environments – cesspits and sanitation in Medieval England, Don O’Meara [NAG]
14 February – Investigating lead tokens from Holm Cultram Abbey, Kate Rennicks [APPLEBY]
23 February – Nationalism and Archaeology: Excavating Romania’s Roman Past, Emily Hamscan [ARCH & ARCH]

26 February – Recent Research on the Bombardment of the Hartlepools, World War I, Mark Simmons [TAS]
27 February – Excavations at Derwentcote: An Analysis of Nineteenth Century Workers’ Housing, Rob Young [SOCANTS]
28 February – Sir Vincent Riden – Last Chief Mechanical Engineer of the North Eastern Railway, Andrew Everett [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]
February – title and speaker to be announced [NEAES]

March 2019
4 March – Animal Bones in Roman Britain (title to be confirmed), Dr Jim Morris [BAS]
6 March – Bronze Age Burials in N.E. England and S.E. Scotland, Dr Chris Fowler [TILLVAS]
11 March – Deserted Medieval Villages of North Northumberland, Allan Colman [Lowick Heritage Group]
11 March – Stone circles, rings and mounds in Cumbria, Tom Clare [LUNESDALE]
13 March – Excavations at Berk Farm round mound, Isle of Man – the story so far, Dr Chris Fowler [NAG]
14 March – The Work of the Cumbria Vernacular Buildings Group, June Hill [APPLEBY]

16 March – AGM and Exploring North Pennine Place Names, Diana Whaley [ALTOGETHER]
16 March – Deir el-Medina revisited: latest work and discoveries from a site thought to be well known, Cedric Gobeil [NEAES]
20 March – Seven hours, a rubber dingy and a shipwreck: the search for Nova Zembla, Matthew Ayre [NAG]
23 March – Cresswell Pele Tower: From Reivers to Ruins to Restoration, Barry Mead [ARCH & ARCH]

26 March – Buildings of the Historic Core of Skelton, Robin Daniels [TAS]
27 March – Public and private in a domestic context: The underground spaces of the House of the Cryptoporticus in Pompeii, Thea Ravasi [SOCANTS]
28 March – Aspects of the industrial infrastructure on Holy Island, Roger Jermy [CCA]
28 March – Kenton Wartime Bunker; Past, Present and Future, John Mabbit & Russ Charnock [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]

April 2019
1 April – The Enigmatic Trusty’s Hill: Royal Capital of Rheged, Dr Chris Bowles [BAS]
3 April – AGM and An Update on the 2018 Mardon Excavation, Richard Carlton [TILLVAS]
8 April – Lowick Races (Horses, Bikes and Athletics) and the Lowick Feast 19th-20th centuries, Julie Gibbs and cast [Lowick Heritage Group]
8 April – Mediaeval village landscape in Cumbria, David Johnson [LUNESDALE]
9 April – Cold War to Coal Trains – TOPS, British Railways’ First Computer Train Operating System, Johnathan Aylen [NEWCOMEN]
10 April – A History of Alnwick Castle Gardens as revealed through excavation and building recording, Jenny Proctor [NAG]

11 April – A Roman bath house at Stanwix, Frank Giecco [APPLEBY]
11 April – The Eslington Sword, Prof Sam Turner [CCA]

24 April – Magnificent Women and the Revolutionary Machine; The extraordinary individuals who founded the Women’s Engineering Society in 1919, Henrietta Heald [SOCANTS]
25 April – Annual General Meeting and Chairman’s Choice [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]
27 April – Long Meg and her Daughters, Paul Frodsham [ALTOGETHER]
27 April – Living in Harm’s Way: Further reflections on the development of Hornby Castle, Wensleydale, Erik Matthews [ARCH & ARCH]

May 2019
1 May – Vikings in Scotland: some close encounters of the museum kind, Trevor Cowie [TILLVAS]
8 May – AGM and From Nursing to Archaeology, Charlotte Roberts [CCA]
8 May – Henge Monuments and the enclosed cosmos, Pete Topping [NAG]

13 May – Lyres and spears: the hunt for poetries of the Northern Iron Age, Dr Graeme Lawson [BAS]
25 May – The Two Brothers, Roger Forshaw [NEAES] 

29 May – Recent fieldwork on Lindisfarne… shedding light on the early Medieval monastery, David Petts and Richard Carlton [SOCANTS]
May – AGM, title and speaker to be announced [ARCH & ARCH]
May – Hidden Monuments, Emma Watson, date and venue to be announced [TAS]

June 2019
3 June – Gods and heroes: public and private in Pompeian houses, Dr Thea Ravesi [BAS]
5 June – Riding West: Roman Cavalry Tombstones at Hexham & Beyond, Lindsay Allason-Jones [TILLVAS]
25 June – The Yarm Helmet, Chris Caple [TAS]
26 June – Paints and Pigments in the Past: colouring in the Roman Frontiers, Louisa Campbell [SOCANTS]

July 2019
13 July – Work in Thebes, Jose Manuel Galan [NEAES]
20 July – The Archaeology of Domestic Innovation in the Country House, Prof Marilyn Palmer [ARCH & ARCH]
31 July – From Women’s Rights to Human Rights: How the Struggle for the Vote Changed the World, Rosie Serdiville [SOCANTS]

August 2019
12 to 16 August – Ancient Egypt Summer School [NEAES]
28 August – The Past Beneath the Lawns; current excavations at Auckland Castle, John Castling and Chris Gerrard [SOCANTS]

September 2019
2 September – Whitby Abbey, Tony Wilmott [BAS]
4 September – The Bowl Hole Cemetery at Bamburgh, Graeme Young [TILLVAS]
14 September – Mapping the Khandaq Shapur: One of the Great Barriers of the Ancient World [ARCH & ARCH]
24 September – Rememorial WW1: Uncovering the Tees Valley’s experiences of the aftermath of the First World War, Dr Ben Roberts [TAS]

25 September – (Re)Discovering Ava: the Achavanich Beaker Burial project, Maya Hoole [SOCANTS]
26 September – The Cresswell Tower Project, Barry Mead [CCA]

October 2019
6 October – James IV Memorial Lecture: In the Land of the Giants – a journey through the Dark Ages, Max Adams [TILLVAS]
7 October – Carpow, Corbridge and Carlisle: Roman armour developments in Northern Britain, Dr Jon Coulson [BAS]
9 October – First Farmers in Neolithic Britain: new methods, new interpretations, Prof Peter Rowley-Conwy [NAG]
10 October – Appleby Moot Hall, Marion Barter [APPLEBY]
12 October – An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Church Architecture in Stone and Early Vernacular Buildings focusing on Medieval longhouses and their Post-Medieval derivatives, Alan Newham and Martin Roberts respectively [ALTOGETHER]
12 October – Micro-stories and Material Culture: Re-examining Medieval Castles, Dr Karen Dempsey [ARCH & ARCH]
12 October – My Favourite Things in the Egypt Centre, Carolyn Graves-Brown [NEAES]
13 October – David Dippie Dixon lectures: Exploring an historic townscape and its hinterland: Wallingford from Saxon to late Medieval, and Bell towers: origins, forms and functions, Prof Neil Christie [CCA]
14 October – Binchester Roman Fort, David Mason [LUNESDALE]

29 October – Rock Art of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg in South Africa, Aron Mazel [TAS]
30 October – The Manorial Documents Register For Northumberland, Sue Wood [SOCANTS]

November 2019
4 November – Recent Excavations on Iron Age Sites in North Northumberland, Richard Carlton [BAS]
6 November – The Crannogs of Loch Tay, Dr Michael Stratigos [TILLVAS]
7 November – Cocwudu: Ancient Woodlands and Frontiers of Central Northumberland, Max Adams [CCA]
9 November – Architectural Practice in North Eastern England, Dr Richard Pears [ARCH & ARCH]
11 November – The enclosures on Birkett Knott and Howe Robin, and the context of Early Neolithic enclosures in the north, Alistair Oswald [LUNESDALE]
13 November – AGM and Why Brockley Whins?, Gordon Moir [NAG]
14 November – The Railway Revolution, Les Turnbull [CCA]
14 November – Towton Battlefield Society, Chris Berendt [APPLEBY]
16 November – Funerary Evidence for Anglo-Saxon Children as well as Holwick Excavations and Finds, Rebecca Gowland, Martin Green and Tony Metcalfe [ALTOGETHER]

23 November – Annual Study Day and AGM: Seti I, Nicky Neilsen and other speakers to be announced [NEAES]
26 November – Annual Update of his archaeological work, Steve Sherlock [TAS]
27 November – Finding Ralph Taylor, Keith Wrightson [SOCANTS]

December 2019
2 December – The Bronze Age in Lowland Scotland (title to be confirmed), Dr Trevor Cowie [BAS]
4 December – Tracks through the Cheviots, David Jones [TILLVAS]
7 December – The Annual Elgee Memorial Lecture: Durham and Dunbar: Scottish Soldiers at Palace Green, Richard Annis [TAS]
9 December – Fairhaven Lake restoration project, Stephen King [LUNESDALE]
11 December – Christmas Event [NAG]
12 December – Research at Vindolanda, Rhys Williams [APPLEBY]
December  – Annual Members Meeting [ARCH & ARCH]

January 2020
8 January – William Cowe & Son, the home of the Berwick Cockle, Cameron Robertson [TILLVAS]
15 January – The Durham River Wear Assemblage, Gary Bankhead [NAG]

February 2020
5 February – Old Melrose, Margaret Collin [TILLVAS]
10 February – The North Pennines in the Early Middle Ages, David Petts [LUNESDALE]
12 February – Defending Brancepeth, Penny Middleton [NAG]

March 2020
4 March – A Policeman’s Lot, 1750 to 1950, Ian Roberts [TILLVAS]
9 March – Investigation of the Rusland Charcoal Industry, Rebecca Cadbury-Simmons [LUNESDALE]
11 March – Hidden in Plain Sight – Revealing the forgotten monuments of northern England, Emma Watson [NAG]

April 2020
20 April – AGM and Review of the High Carlingill Excavations [LUNESDALE]
Date to be announced – AGM [TILLVAS]

May 2020
6 May – The Salcombe Shipwreck, Dr Ben Roberts [TILLVAS]
13 May – Travels in Egypt, Peter Topping [NAG]

June 2020
3 June – Doon Hill Revisited, Prof Ian Ralston [TILLVAS]

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