In this page we’ve listed all the regular local society events that we are told or heard – this does not stop them or others being noted closer to the time as well, or additions being made to the page. If you can’t see your local society’s programme here, please let us know if you want that adding in.

Also please let us know if your society’s details are incorrect or need amending. All details are correct to the best of our knowledge, however it is suggested you confirm with the appropriate organisation. The best way to contact us is through emailing

Enjoy! As ever check with the local society concerned for any further details that you may need. Their details can be found on our Local Societies and Groups page. The date below gives you when this listing was last updated.


15 July – Tomb Security in Ancient Egypt, Reg Clark [NEAES]
25 July – Durham’s Museum of Archaeology and its Collections, Gemma Lewis [TAS]

26 July – Death March or Picnic? The Aftermath of the Battle of Dunbar, John Malden [SOCANTS]
28 July – Durham Museum of Archaeology and its Collection, Gemma Lewis [TAS]

30 August – The 15th Century Grey Tomb in Chillingham Church, Northumberland: the monument in context, Derek Cutts [SOCANTS]

4 September – Local Geology, Ian Kille [BAS]
6 September – Following the Coca shrub throughout the Americas – archaeological evidence for cocaine use, Prof Maria Chester [TILLVAS]
26 September – This Year’s Archaeology: An Interim Statement, Steve Sherlock [TAS]
27 September – Recent work by Newcastle University on the Hadrian’s Wall system, Ian Haynes [SOCANTS]
30 September – Rock art without borders: the Northumberland and Durham Rock Art Project (NADRAP) legacy and future directions, Kate Sharpe [ARCH & ARCH]

2 October – Reconstructed Bronze Age fighting styles, Andrea Dolfini [BAS]
7 October – Cobras, Demons and ‘Fighters’: Demonology in Ancient Egypt, Kasia Szpakowska [NEAES]
8 October – Mary, Queen of Scots, Jordan Evans [TILLVAS]
14 October – The durability of place: recent work on the landscape and settlements of Early Medieval Northumbria, Brian Buchanan [ARCH & ARCH]

25 October – Putting the People in the Pageant: Visions of People’s History and the Industrial Revolution in Historical Pageants in Britain, 1905-2016, Alexander Hutton [SOCANTS]
31 October – The River Tees Rediscovered, Robin Daniels [TAS]

1 November – Roman Temples at Maryport, Prof Ian Haynes [TILLVAS]
6 November – Recent Discoveries on Lindisfarne, Richard Carlton [BAS]
11 November – Durham Cathedral and its role in the history of architectural structure and decoration, Prof Eric Fernie [ARCH & ARCH]

25 November – AGM and Annual Study Day: Fieldwork in Egypt: Old, New and Revisited, Angus Graham, Jo Rowland, Penny Wilson and Aurelia Masson-Berghoff [NEAES]
28 November – James Cook: Raising Anchors and Digging for Cottages, Phil Philo [TAS]
29 November – Incendiary letters and Iniquitous practices; Smuggling and Customs Evasion on the North East Coast 1750-1830, Tony Barrow [SOCANTS]

4 December – Hadrian’s Wall: archaeological site or artistic muse? Lindsay Allason-Jones [BAS]
6 December – Member’s Night: Deserted Medieval Villages; Carham; Football, Maya Style, Allan Colman, Clive Hallam-Baker, Mike Keating [TILLVAS]

January 2018
3 January – Ford Westfield Farm in the 19th century, David Lockie [TILLVAS]

February 2018
7 February – Northumbrian Earth, Ian Kille [TILLVAS]

March 2018
7 March – Early Bronze Age Practices in NE England and SE Scotland, Dr Chris Fowler [TILLVAS]

April 2018
4 April – AGM and further details to be confirmed [TILLVAS]

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