Archive Events

January 2014

6 January – A History of the Labour Movement in Westmorland, Lord David Clark [C&WAAS]

8 January – Lauren Proctor (Finds Liaison Officer) [NAG]

11 January – Licking and rolling – early Christian Exegesis and the Ruthwell and Bewcastle Crosses, Dr Eric Cambridge [ARCH & ARCH]

14 January – Migrating Miners, Mining Institute, Westgate Road [MINING INSTITUTE]

14 January – AGM & Members evening. (TBC) [APPLEBY]

17 January – Reconstructing Hadrian’s Wall, David Breeze [C&WAAS]

18 January- Lakeland dialect and its origins, Jean Scott-Smith [C&WAAS]

21 January – Hindenberg and Luddendorf: A Brilliant Parnership?, Emeritus Professor John Derry, Newcastle University [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

25 January – Excavations at Tell Timai (Thmouis), James Bennett, Durham University [NEAES]

29 January – The battle between a town councillor and an architect and the poliss, Derek CuttS [SOCANTS]

February 2014

1 February – Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Westmorland County Council and road improvement 1889-1939, Jean Turnbull [C&WAAS]

3 February – Green Treasures from the Magic Mountains: the amazing story of Nerolithic Jadeite axeheads, Dr Alison Sheridan [BAS]

3 February – Hiring Fairs, Stephen Caunce [C&WAAS]

5 February – The Flodden 500 Transcription Project, Linda Bankier [TILLVAS]

6 February – Steve Wood collection, John Boothroyd [GATESHEAD]

8 February – Coasts, cairns and Carnac – the Neolithic archaeology of Brittany, Prof Chris Scarre [ARCH & ARCH]

11 February -The Discovering Derventio Project: Excavations at Papcastle 2012 – 2013, Mark Graham, Grampus Heritage & Training [APPLEBY]

12 February – Fighting Farmers or Homeric Heroes? Warfare and Warriors in Late Bronze Age Britain, Ben Roberts – memorial lecture for Ian Colquhoun [NAG]

13 Feb – 7.30pm Glendale Local History Society, Wooler [NEWMP]

15 February- Roman Frontiers in their landscape setting, David Breeze [C&WAAS]

18 February – 2pm Friendship Club, Chadca Community Centre, Chapel House, Newcastle [NEWMP]

18 February – The Better Part of Valour: British Understandings of Courage during the First World War, Dr Edward Madigan [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

21 February – The Carlisle Canal, David Ramshaw [C&WAAS]

22nd February, 2014 – Members’ Meeting, St. Nicholas Church Hall, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. [ANLHS)

26 February – The Iron Age on the Northumberland Coastal Plain, Nick Hodgson [SOCANTS]

March 2014

3 March – The Circus comes to Town Roman Wild Beast Shows, Jeremy Paterson [BAS]

3 March- Anglo-Saxon Settlement in the Ingleborough Area – New Research, David Johnson [C&WAAS]

4 March – Douglas Haig, the First World War, and the British People, Professor Gary Sheffield, University of Birmingham [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

5 March – Magic Metals, Trevor Cowie [TILLVAS]

6 March – Caped Crusaders (Jarrow March), Anthea Lang [GATESHEAD]

10 March – Markets to Supermarkets, Dr Michael Winstanley [C&WAAS]

11 March – Prehistoric features on Fylingdales Moor, North Yorkshire – Moorland surveys and the parallels with Cumbria, Blaise Vyner [APPLEBY]

15 March – Ireland in the Virginia Sea – comparative archaeologies of the early modern Atlantic world, Dr Audrey Horning [ARCH & ARCH]

15 March – Aspects of Tomb Decoration in the Old Kingdom, Violaine Chauvet, Liverpool University [NEAES]

15 March- West Cumberland Shipping through the Ages, David Ramshaw [C&WASS]

21 March – Cattle Droving Through Cumbria, Peter Roebuck [C&WAAS]

26 March- The Anglo-Saxon fortress of Bamburgh: the archaeological evidence, Graeme Young [SOCANTS]

April 2014

 2 April –   Drove Roads of Northumberland, Richard Carlton       [TILLVAS]

 3 April-  Life in the 30s, 40s and 50s, Andrew Clark        [GATESHEAD]

 5 April – Creating Segedunum, Bill Griffiths          [ARCH & ARCH]

5 April, 2014 – Study Day [ANLHS]

7 April – 7.30pm Teesdale Record Society, Cotherstone Methodist Church   [NEWMP]

7 April –  Mapping the Town: the topography of early-modern and medieval Berwick upon Tweed, Catherine Kent  [BAS]

7 April-   John Speed’s Mapping of North-West England, Ian Saunders    [CWAAS]

8 April –  The Silverdale and Furness Viking hoards and other recent finds from Lancashire and Cumbria, Dot Boughton (Lancs & Cumbria Portable Antiquities Scheme                      [APPLEBY]

8 April- The War at Sea from the July Crisis to the eve of Jutland,  Professor Andrew Lambert, King’s College London                      [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

9 April  –  Recent Excavations at Saxon Bamburgh, Graeme Young     [NAG]

12 April – 7:30pm Cambo Village Hall . Robert the Bruce v Edward II by Michael thomson to mark the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. £5 entry Tea & bannock Cake.

14 April  –  Cumbria’s Icehouses, Rob David [CWAAS]

25 April –  The Furness Viking Hoard, Dot Broughton   [CWAAS]

 30 April –  Black-glossed pottery in the Great North Museum, David Gill [SOCANTS]

May 2014

6 May – 7.30pm Bedale History and Archaeology Group, Bedale Hall   [NEWMP]

10 May – AGM in Alnwick [ARCH & ARCH]

12 May  – Rescued from the Sea: Prehistoric discoveries at Low Hauxley, Dr Clive Waddington                  [BAS]

12 May – George Leo Haydock of Penrith, Michael Mullett          [CWAAS]

13 May  – Antiquarians and Medieval Wall Paintings, Dr Kate Giles [DURHAM WHS]

13 May  – Sharp Shooting Pains that Make Me Shout Out: A History of Disability and the First World War,  Professor Joanna Bourke, Birkbeck College London    [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

14 May           The Low Hauxley 2013 Excavations, Clive Waddington         [NAG]

17 May           The Watercolours of Howard Carter, Lee Young, Griffith Institute, Oxford   [NEAES]

19 May – Syria: Cultural Heritage in Conflict, Dr Emma Cunliffe, 3.30pm, room PG20, Pemberton Building, Palace Green, Durham [ARCH & ARCH]

22 May  – Children’s Footwear from Vindolanda, Elizabeth Greene [VINDOLANDA]

23 May – The sign of Jonah: theology and scripture in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History,  Dr Jennifer O’Reilly [57TH JARROW LECTURE]

 28 May           Binchester excavations, the first five years, David Petts   [SOCANTS]

  June 2014

2 June            Kristian Pedersen, BAS Summer Activities        [BAS]

07 June –  Dead and (un)buried – problems and perspectives in funerary archaeology, Prof. Mike Parker Pearson [DURHAM UNI ARCHAEOLOGY DEP]

11 June         Recent Excavations at Bradford Kaims, Paul Gething             [NAG]

17 June, 7.00, Their Swords Shall Not Rust. The Plebs League and the Labour College Movement in North East England, 1908-1926, Rob Turnbull. North East Labour History Society meeting, at the Lit and Phil

21 June         Round the County, to be hosted by Glendale Historical Society [ANLHS]

21 June, 12.30-1.30, Imagery and symbolism in Ecclesiastical glass in Sunderland, Michael Johnson (Lecturer in Design History at Northumbria University), National Glass Centre, Sunderland, SR6 0GL (one of a series of Heritage Talks). Free, no need to pre-book

21 June, 3.45-5.00pm, Britain and the Long Shadow of the Great War, Professor David Reynolds (Cambridge University), Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University. Free but please pre-register by contacting Anna Warren by e-mail: or phone 0191 208 3559.

 25 June         John Collingwood Bruce, a Victorian Polymath, David Breeze [SOCANTS]

July 2014

1 July –  From Vindolanda to Rimini: Roman Medicine in Practice, Dr Ralph Jackson [VINDOLANDA]

19 July           The Hekanakhte Letters, Olive Hogg                   [NEAES]

 30 July           Hidden Histories of WW1, Roberta Goldwater   [SOCANTS]

31 July  – Crime and Punishment in Roman Britain, Lindsay Allason-Jones

August 2014

 27 August      Northumbrian Food, Peter Brears                        [SOCANTS]

28 August  – The Makers Mark – Understanding and Utilising the Evidence of Makers Marks on Terra Sigillata (Samian) Pottery at Vindolanda Roman Fort and Settlement, Kate Sheehan Finn

September 2014

1 September       Picts – Excavations at Rhynie, in Aberdeenshire, Dr Gordon Noble   [BAS]

8 September       Brancepeth Archaeology and History Group      [NEWMP]

20 September    Constance Fraser Memorial Lecture, Mining Institute, Newcastle upon Tyne [ANLHS]

20 September – Reconstructing Hadrian’s Wall, Prof. David Breeze [ARCH & ARCH]

24 Sept – Unearthly Emptiness, Late Antiquity in Bede’s Northumbria, Scott Ashley  [SOCANTS]

October 2014

6 October       Archaeoastronomy: a brief history, Prof Clive Ruggles            [BAS]

11 October – Monarch, Prince and Lord: aspects of castle building in north Wales and the March in the 13th century, Dr John Kenyon [ARCH & ARCH]

15 October The Bombardment of the Hartlepools: new light on old wounds, Mark Simmonds [NAG]

18 Oct – The Mythologising of Akhenaten, Lucia Gahlin, University College London  [NEAES]

29 October     The development of English Heraldry, David White     [SOCANTS]

November 2014

3 November        Bruce Glendinning             [BAS]

8 November    Annual General Meeting, Maritime Museum, Newbiggin by the Sea [ANLHS]

8 Nov – Celtic Art in Northern Britain: an archaeological view, Dr Fraser Hunter [ARCH & ARCH]

12 November Annual General Meeting and The Oldest Boat in Town, Frank Robinson [NAG]

22 November      ANNUAL STUDY DAY and AGM ‘Rocks and Quarries’   [NEAES]

26 November      Grand Tour and the North East, Anne French               [SOCANTS]

28 Nov ember      7.15pm Morpeth Antiquarian Society, St. James Hall   [NEWMP]

December 2014

 1 December   The origins of metallurgy in Europe: new insights from Italy, Dr Andrea Dolfini             [BAS]

13 Dec – Members meeting at Oriental Museum, Durham [ARCH & ARCH]

January 2015

5 January – The Viking-Age Cemetery at Cumwhitton, Dr Rachel Newman, Oxford Archaeology North [C&WAAS]

7 January – Footpaths and rights of way, Sue Rogers [TILLVAS]

12 January –  Joseph Scott of Penrith – ‘Mr Los Angeles’, John Sharpe [C&WAAS]

13 January – AGM and Member’s Evening [APPLEBY]

14 January – Altars and Temples at Roman Maryport: reflections on four seasons of fieldwork on the Cumbrian Coast, Tony Wilmott, English Heritage [NAG]

17 January – The Mesolithic of the Outer Hebrides, Prof Peter Rowley-Conwy, Durham University [Arch & Arch]

17 January – Archaeology at Holm Cultram, Pat Bull and Gill Goodfellow [C&WAAS]

23 January – Medieval Coinage of Cumbria 1279-1485, Carl Savage [C&WAAS]
24 January – The Two Cities of Sais:updates on recent work, Penny Wilson, Durham University [NEAES]

27 January – AGM and CSI Forensics, Dr Tim Thompson, Teesside University [TAS]

28 January – Anniversary Meeting and Excavation of the Bigges Main Waggonway, Richard Carlton and Les Turnbull [SOCANTS]

February 2015

2 February – Treasure Trove in Scotland; medieval and other discoveries from the Scottish Borders, Stuart Campbell, Treasure Trove Unit, National Museums of Scotland [BAS]

4 February – Conservation of Ruins, Robin Kent [TILLVAS]

9 February – Appleby Horse Fair, Andy Connell [C&WAAS]

10 February – The Carlisle Ship Canal 1821-1853, David Ramshaw [APPLEBY]

11 February – Archaeological Excavation in Post-Revolution Egypt, Penny Wilson, Durham University [NAG]

14 February – “We dusted them off good”: the German army at Beaumont Hamel, 1914-16, Alistair Fraser, Palace Green Library [ARCH & ARCH]

20 February – (hosted by the Carlisle Affiliated Group at Tullie House, Carlisle) Between a rock and a hard place: Westmorland County Council and the Motor Car, Jean Turnbull, [C&WAAS]

21 February – 18th century Wigton philanthropist George Moore, Nigel Entwistle [C&WAAS]

24 February – Roman Binchester Bling, Dr David Petts, Durham University [TAS]

25 February – New Perspectives on the The Great Tyne Flood of 1771 [SOCANTS]

March 2015

2 March – Eyewitness to disaster: Pliny and the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum, Dr Jeremy Paterson [BAS]

4 March – Ian Colquhoun Memorial Lecture: Fighting in the Bronze Age: Field experiments and use-wear analysis, Dr Andrea Dolfini, Newcastle University [NAG]

4 March – Waggon Ways and the Neptune Shipyard, Richard Carlton [TILLVAS]

7 March – The King under the Car Park: Greyfriars, Leicester and the Search for Richard III, Richard Buckley, University of Leicester Archaeological Services [ARCH & ARCH]

7 March – 42nd Annual Archaeology Forum and launch of the Regional Heritage Centre, Faraday Lecture Theatre, Lancaster University

9 March – Penrith and the Great War, Susan Dench [C&WAAS]

10 March – Medieval Deer Parks of Cumbria, Harry Hawkins [APPLEBY]

11 March – Colin Burgess, 1938-2014, an appreciation and the first twenty years of NAG,
Gordon Moir [NAG]

14 March – Eight Women – understanding gender and the afterlife in Late Middle Kingdom Burials, Wolfram Grajetzki, UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology [NEAES]

16 March – Giza and the AERA Project at the Workmen’s Town, Ana Tavares,

21 March – (hosted by the South West Cumbria H & A Society at the Market Hall, Egremont) Work in progress, John Zant [C&WAAS]

25 March – Low Hauxley in context: rescue excavation of a multi-period coastal site [SOCANTS]

31 March – Crowd-funded Archaeology, Lisa Westcott Wilkins & Brendan Wilkins, DigVentures [TAS]

April 2015

1 April – AGM and talk, Dr Chris Burgess [TILLVAS]

11 April – AGM in Carlisle (details to be confirmed) [C&WAAS]

13 April – The Archaeology of Sugar: a view from Southern Jordan, Dr Richard Jones,
Glasgow University [BAS]

14 April – The Roman Navy and the Classis Brittanica, Dr David Mason [APPLEBY]

15 April – The bombardment of the Hartlepools: new light on old wounds, Mark Simmons, NAG]

18 April – Trading places: the Salcombe Bronze Age shipwreck, Dr Ben Roberts, Durham University [ARCH & ARCH]

21 April – Archaeology at Kiplin Hall, Jim Brightman, Solstice Heritage [TAS]

29 April – AGM and From Farms to Arms: The History of Military Training at Catterick, Phil Abramson, Defence Estates [SOCANTS]


May 2015

6 May – Landscape, Prof Sam Turner, Newcastle University [TILLVAS]

11 May – The CARE of Rock Art in the UK and Ireland, Myra Giesen and Aron Mazel [BAS]

13 May – Recent excavations in Northumberland Park, North
Shields, Richard Carlton, The Archaeological Practice Ltd [NAG]

16 May – AGM in Bishop Auckland (details to be confirmed) [ARCH & ARCH]

26 May – Saxon Landscapes, Dr Sarah Semple, Durham University [TAS]

27 May – Where have all the Soldiers gone? Reflections on Hadrian’s Wall: Frontiers, Prefects and Warbands, Prof Brian Roberts [SOCANTS]

June 2015
1 June – Routes to Flodden in 1513, David Caldwell [BAS]
3 June – Excavations at High Hauxley, Dr Clive Waddington, Archaeological Research Services Ltd [TILLVAS]
24 June – On the march: Roman campaigns in Scotland, Rebecca Jones [SOCANTS]
30 June – A1 Archaeology Update, Dr Steve Sherlock [TAS]

July 2015
1 July – Killing Kings – James IV and Richard III, Mark Hall [TILLVAS]
29 July – The Great Fire of Newcastle, Mark Thornton

26 August – The Earliest  Northumbrian Books, Prof Richard Gameson [SOCANTS]

September 2015
7 September – Industrial Archaeology in the Borders, Prof John Hume, Glasgow and St Andrews Universities [BAS]
29 September – Digging for Money – Commercial Archaeology, Mitchell Pollington, AOC Archaeology Group [TAS]
30 September – (at Room A003, Ellison Building, Northumbria University) The Past in Pixels: recent developments in visualisation and virtual reality, David Heslop and Iwan Peverel [SOCANTS]

October 2015
5 October – The Dr Malcolm Aylett Memorial Lecture: The Ness of Brodgar –  investigating a prehistoric enigma, Nick Card, Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology [BAS]
10 October – Re-imagining Egypt: Artists, Communities and Collaborative Egyptology Displays, Gemma Tully, Saffron Walden Museum [NEAES]
27 October – Community Archaeology, Dr Carenza “TimeTeam” Lewis, Cambridge University [TAS]
28 October – ‘Bonny Geordie’: Sir George Elliot and the Making of the Modern World, Bill Lancaster [SOCANTS]

November 2015
2 November – Heritage Management; not as dull as it sounds, Rori McDonald, Scottish Borders Council [BAS]
21 November – Dazzling Sundisk: Life and Death of Amenhotep III Annual Study Day and AGM [NEAES]
24 November – Operation Nightingale Catterick & Cyprus, Phil Abramson and Steve Sherlock [TAS]
25 November –  (at the Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University) Life and
Death of Oetzi the Iceman, James Dickson [SOCANTS]

December 2015
5 December – (at 10am and in the Dorman Museum) The Elgee Memorial Lecture: Iron
Age Royal Centre at Stanwick, Prof Colin Haselgrove, Leicester University [TAS]
7 December – Christmas Event [BAS]
7 December – North Craven in the Early Medieval Period: A new insight, David Johnson [LUNESDALE]
8 December – Excavation of the Roman cemetery on Botchergate,
Carlisle, Richard Newman [APPLEBY]

January 2016
6 January – What we remember, what we forget, Dr Chris Bowles [TILLVAS]
12 January – AGM and Member’s Evening: Bronze Age Copper on the Great Orme and The Appleby Research Project [APPLEBY]
13 January – Settlements in Southeast Northumberland: new discoveries through remote sensing, David Astbury, Newcastle University [NAG]
16 January – Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Networks in Ireland, Scotland, England: an Inishowen Case Study, Colm O’Brien [ARCH & ARCH]
26 January – Short AGM and a talk on Vindolanda, Lauren Wilkinson [TAS]
27 January – Commemorating the Jarrow Crusade: why the Crusade remains relevant today, Matt Perry [SANT]

February 2016
1 February – Antiquarian rubbings to Wemyss Caves 4D: 50 years of documentation of the Pictish carvings in the Wemyss Caves, Fife, Joanna Hambly [BAS]
3 February – Dial Knowe: Excavations at The Hirsel, Lady Caroline Douglas-Home MBE [TILLVAS]
6 February – “He found it like Heaven within”: Innovation in Middle Kingdom Tomb Decoration, Margaret Maitland [NEAES]
8 February – The Formby Footprints, Jamie Lund [LUNESDALE]
9 February – The Relationship between Native Britons and their Roman Overlords in the North West, Jamie Quartermaine [APPLEBY]
9 February – A review of the 2015 CCA dig at the two sites at Hepden Burn, John Nolan and Richard Carlton [CCA]
10 February – The CITiZAN project: Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network, Megan Clement, Citizan Project [NAG]
13 February – Trading Places: The Salcombe Bronze Age Shipwreck, Dr Ben Roberts [ARCH & ARCH]
23 February – St Cuthbert’s Corpse, Dr David Williams [TAS]
24 February – A Good Night’s Entertainment: music in 18th century Newcastle, Dr Roz Southey [SANT]

March 2016
2 March – Experimental Archaeometallurgy in Early-Middle Bronze Age Cyprus, Marco Romeo Pitone [NAG]
2 March – Vikings in the North Atlantic, Kristian Pedersen [TILLVAS]
5 March – Were the Trypillia mega-sites the first cities in Europe?, Prof John Chapman and Dr Bisserka Gaydarska [ARCH & ARCH]
7 March – Early Bronze Age Burial Practices in NE England and SE Scotland, Dr Chris Fowler [BAS]
7 March – Researching the Highway across Tarn and Ravenstondale Moors, Geoff Wilson [LUNESDALE]
8 March – Lime Burning & Lime Kilns in Westmorland, Dr David Johnson [APPLEBY]
9 March – The Border Roads Project: a review of what’s been done so far and a plan for fieldwork and other activities in 2016, David Jones and others [CCA]
19 March – Holy rubbish! Reinterpreting the Hierakonpolis Main Deposit, Liam McNamara [NEAES]
24 March – The Hareshaw Ironworks at Bellingham, Ian Roberts [CCA]
29 March – Dead Men DO tell tales,  Dr Andrew Millard [TAS]
30 March – Hidden Gems: the manuscripts and rare books in Ushaw College Library, Jonathan Bush [SANT]

April 2016
4 April – An engraved landscape: rock carvings from the ‘Central Sahara’, Dr Tertia Barnett [BAS]
6 April – Salters Nick – Some Final Conclusions, John Davies [NAG]
6 April – AGM followed by The 2015 Flodden 500 Excavations, Richard Carlton and John Nolan [TILLVAS]
12 April – Furness Abbey and her Daughter Houses: Irish Sea Relations in the Medieval era, Dr Fiona Edmunds [APPLEBY]
19 April – Neven Castle in Pembrokeshire, Dr Chris Caple [TAS]
23 April – Lead mining landscapes and legacies of the North Pennine Uplands, Mark Kincey [ARCH & ARCH]
27 April – The Cosmos, Kant and Thomas Wright of Durham, Andrew Fletcher [SANT]
Date to be confirmed: April – Wetlands in the Neolithic, Dr Kristian Pedersen [CCA]

May 2016
4 May – Whaling in the North-East, Tony Barrow [TILLVAS]
9 May – The Economy of the Roman Empire: dynamic or stagnant?, Jeremy Paterson [BAS]
10 May – Evening walk to Smardale Lime Kilns, Carol Doughtery [APPLEBY]
11 May – Art connects people: Iron Age and Roman period glass bangles in Continental Europe and Britain, Tatiana Ivleva, Newcastle University [NAG]
14 May – AGM at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle, with a talk on the Scottish Soldiers Project, Dr Andrew Millard [ARCH & ARCH]
21 May – The Mummy Pits of Ancient Egypt, Tessa Baber [NEAES]
25 May – Owners and Agents; managing a large lead business in the 18th century northeast, Greg Finch [SANT]
31 May – Community Archaeology: Getting Involved in Research, Dr Jon Kenny [TAS]
Date to be confirmed: May – Annual General Meeting [CCA]

June 2016
1 June – Tantallon Castle: an update, Adrian Cox [TILLVAS]
6 June – Young Archaeologists: Newcastle University’s work with the next generation, Dr Jane Webster [BAS]
28 June – All that glitters: Metal detecting, The Treasure Act and the Portable Antiquities Scheme Revolution, Dr Ben Roberts [TAS]
29 June – Gifts to the Gods: interpreting the Romano-British finds assemblage from the River Tees at Piercebridge, Dr Philippa Walton [SANT]

July 2016
16 July – ‘Created for those who had been living on the desert like jackals’: Nebre and ‘his’ Libyan fortress, Glen Godenho [NEAES]
27 July – Hadrian’s Wall Path and the Roman Wall; your heritage in our hands, David McGlade [SANT]
30 July – 2000 Years of Hungate, Toby Kendall [ARCH & ARCH]

August 2016
31 August – Bradford Kaims, a prehistoric landscape, Paul Gething [SANT]

September 2016
5 September – Mortuary Archaeology, Dr Myra Giesen [BAS]
7 September – Medieval Highlands and Islands, David Caldwell [TILLVAS]
8 September – Remote Sensing, David Astbury [CCA]
14 September – Artefacts from the Slave Trade, Dr Jane Webster [CCA]
17 September – Excavations at St Botolph’s Chapel, Frosterley, Paul Frodsham [ARCH & ARCH]
27 September – Street House before the Saxons, Steve Sherlock [TAS]
28 September – From Tyneside to Fratricide: north-easterners in the Spanish Civil War, Lewis Mates [SANT]

October 2016
3 October – Depicting the Dead: an insight into craniofacial analysis for forensic identification and archaeological investigation, Dr Eilidh Ferguson [BAS]
8 October – Death on the Nile: Uncovering Lives and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt, Helen Strudwick [NEAES]
9 October – Bosworth 1485, Dr Glenn Foard [TILLVAS]
12 October –  Excavations at Derwentcote: a Study in Nineteenth Century Worker’s Housing, Rob Young [NAG]
13 October – Mapping the Medieval Landscape of Cumbria, Dr Caron Newman [APPLEBY]
16 October – David Dippie Dixon Memorial Lectures: William Boyd and Controversy as well as Neanderthal Hunting and animal avoidance strategies, Professor Mark White [CCA]
19 October – The archaeology of St John Lateran and the transformation of Rome from Septimius Severus to Constantine, Professor Ian Haynes [ARCH & ARCH]
25 October – Children of the Revolution, Dr Becky Gowland [TAS]
26 October – Kirkharle, Rothley and Alnwick: the three Northumberland landscapes of Capability Brown, Nick Owen [SANT]

November 2016
2 November – Excavations at Low Hauxley, Dr Clive Waddington [TILLVAS]
3 November  – The Roman Temples Project; Excavating a cult sanctuary on the Empire’s northern frontier, Professor Ian Haynes [CCA]
7 November – Pagan Viking Burial in Scotland, Dr Colleen Batey [BAS]
9 November – Annual General Meeting and Grimes Graves and the Neolithic Flint Mines of the UK, Pete Topping [NAG]
10 November – Recent excavations at Vindolanda, Marta Alberti [APPLEBY]
12 November – Light without Morris: alternative perspectives on Victorian stained glass, Dr Neil Moat [ARCH & ARCH]
26 November – Annual Study Day and AGM: The Theban West Bank Tombs: new Research and Directions [NEAES]
29 November – Archaeology on Roads: Some Recent Projects, Dr Steve Sherlock [TAS]
30 November – ‘Worthy of the true genius of architecture’: John Dobson’s design for Newcastle Central Station, Dr Eric Cambridge [SOCANTS]

December 2016
5 December – Mesolithic of Western Scotland and the Mesolithic/Neolithic of SE Europe, Prof Clive Bonsall [BAS]
7 December – Eyemouth Medieval Fort, Fiona Glover [TILLVAS]
8 December – Excavation of the Roman cemetery on Botchergate, Cumbria, Dr Richard Newman [APPLEBY]
14 December – Christmas Event [NAG]
Date to be confirmed: December – The Elgee Memorial Lecture [TAS]

January 2017
4 January – Zoological Material in Anglo-Saxon Society, David Constantine [TILLVAS]
12 January – AGM & Member’s Evening [APPLEBY]
18 January – Prehistoric Settlement in Northumberland: new discoveries and new directions, Clive Waddington [NAG]

21 January – Isotopes and Archaeology, Ruaridh Ellison [ARCH & ARCH]
21 January – Grasping Sand: the importance of sand in Egyptian rituals, Julie Misuriello [NEAES]
25 January – Beyond The Wall, Tynedale North of the Wall Archaeology Group [SOCANTS]
31 January – AGM and The Tyne Brewery Site, Newcastle: beer, industry and moral turpitude [TAS]
tbc January – Post Christmas social evening [WCAS]

February 2017
1 February – Excavations at Binchester Roman Fort, Dr David Petts [TILLVAS]

6 February – Celts, Fraser Hunter [BAS]
8 February – Excavations at Hepden Burn and Kyloe Shin, John Nolan and Richard Carlton [CCA]
8 February – Prehistoric Life and Death at Lochinver, Philippa Cockburn [NAG]

9 February – The Prehistoric Origins of the A1(M), Dr Blaise Vyner [APPLEBY]
10 February – The Clayton Archaeological Collection, Frances McIntosh [WCAS]
11 February – Green treasures from the magic mountains: the amazing story of Neolithic axeheads, Dr Alison Sheridan [ARCH & ARCH]
13 February – The Neolithic in the North-West: What makes this region different?, Gill Hey [LUNESDALE]
28 February – Death and Discovery, David Dance [TAS]

March 2017
1 March – Update on Coldingham Priory, Dr Chris Bowles [TILLVAS]
4 March – Aldborough: the Roman town of Isurium Brigantum: recent work, Professor Martin Millett [ARCH & ARCH]
4 March – Finds from Holm Cultram [WCAS]
6 March – Vindolanda, Andrew Birley [BAS]
8 March – An update on the Border Roads Project [CCA]
8 March – Earth and Fire: non-megalithic mortuary practices of the British earlier Neolithic, Marieka Ahlers [NAG]

9 March – The Cumwhitton Viking Burials: Part 1 – Excavation, Adam Parsons [APPLEBY]
13 March – Swords, Seascapes and the Setting Sun: 6000 years of life and death in Swordle Bay, Ardnamurchan, Western Scotland, Dr Hannah Cobb [LUNESDALE]
18 March – Montuhotep and the reunification of Egypt, Sarah Griffiths [NEAES]
23 March tbc – Nick Hodgson [CCA]
28 March – Fylingdales Moor after the Wildfire, Blaise Vyner [TAS]
29 March – Auckland Castle in 2017: the current state of archaeological research of a Bishop’s Palace, Garden and Estate, Chris Ferguson [SOCANTS]

April 2017
3 April – Iron Age and Roman period glass bangles, Tatiana Ivleva [BAS]
5 April – Rethinking henge monuments of the British Isles: what can we say about this ‘type’ of site?, Lucy Cummings [NAG]
5 April – AGM and Excavations in Northumberland in 2016, Richard Carlton [TILLVAS]
7 April – Bog Bodies, Prof. Miranda Aldhouse-Green [WCAS]

10 April – AGM [LUNESDALE]
13 April – The Cumwhitton Viking Burials: Part 2 – Interpretation, Adam Parsons [APPLEBY]
18 April – Early Post-Glacial Hunter-Gatherers of Northern England – and Well Beyond, Professor Peter Rowley-Conwy [TAS]
20 April – Prehistoric Flint Mines, Pete Topping [CCA]

22 April – Desert wastes, pagan temples and the Nile Valley: locating monasteries in Coptic Egypt, James Taylor [ARCH & ARCH, NEAES]
26 April – A battalion on the learning curve; 18 DLI in training and in war, Alistair Fraser [SOCANTS]

May 2017
3 May – Environmental Change and Archaeology, Professor Richard Tipping [TILLVAS]
8 May – Bradford Kaims, Paul Gething [BAS]
10 May – Recent Archaeological Discoveries in the North Pennines, Paul Frodsham [NAG]
11 May – AGM and the Bamburgh Research Project, Graeme Young [CCA]
13 May – The Dog Catacomb at Saqqara, Paul Nicholson [NEAES]
30 May – Lindisfarne and the Holy Island, David Petts [TAS]
31 May – Battle of Brunanburh and Cambridge CCC, MS 183, Andrew Breeze [SOCANTS]

June 2017
5 June – Needles Eye, Jenny Proctor [BAS]
7 June – Durham and Dunbar: Identifying Scottish soldiers at Palace Green, Richard Annis [TILLVAS]
27 June – Pons Aelius to Pandon, Jennifer Morrison [TAS]
28 June – Romano-British glass bangles: a reappraisal, Tatiana Ivleva [SOCANTS]

July 2017
15 July – Tomb Security in Ancient Egypt, Reg Clark [NEAES]
25 July – Durham’s Museum of Archaeology and its Collections, Gemma Lewis [TAS]
26 July – Death March or Picnic? The Aftermath of the Battle of Dunbar, John Malden [SOCANTS]
28 July – Durham Museum of Archaeology and its Collection, Gemma Lewis [TAS]

August 2017
30 August – The 15th Century Grey Tomb in Chillingham Church, Northumberland: the monument in context, Derek Cutts [SOCANTS]

September 2017
4 September – Local Geology, Ian Kille [BAS]
6 September – Following the Coca shrub throughout the Americas – archaeological evidence for cocaine use, Prof Maria Chester [TILLVAS]
12 September – The Byzantine Water Supply of Constantinople, Martin Crapper [Newcomen North East]
26 September – This Year’s Archaeology: An Interim Statement, Steve Sherlock [TAS]
27 September – Recent work by Newcastle University on the Hadrian’s Wall system, Ian Haynes [SOCANTS]
30 September – Rock art without borders: the Northumberland and Durham Rock Art Project (NADRAP) legacy and future directions, Kate Sharpe [ARCH & ARCH]

October 2017
2 October – “Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be broken”: reconstructing Bronze Age fighting styles, Andrea Dolfini [BAS]
7 October – Cobras, Demons and ‘Fighters’: Demonology in Ancient Egypt, Kasia Szpakowska [NEAES]
8 October – Mary, Queen of Scots, Jordan Evans [TILLVAS]
11 October – The Jomon Period Obsidian Mines in the Hoshikuso Pass, Nagawa, Japan, Pete Topping [NAG]
12 October – Medieval Grave Slabs of Cumbria, Peter Ryder [APPLEBY]
13 October – The Archaeology of Early Steam Locomotives, Dr Michael Bailey [Newcomen North East]
14 October – New Insights into Iron Age and Roman County Durham, David Mason [ARCH & ARCH]
15 October – David Dippie Dixon Memorial Lectures: The Roman assault on Burnswark Hill and New Views on Roman Scotland, John Reid [CCA]
25 October – Putting the People in the Pageant: Visions of People’s History and the Industrial Revolution in Historical Pageants in Britain, 1905-2016, Alexander Hutton [SOCANTS]
31 October – The River Tees Rediscovered, Robin Daniels [TAS]

November 2017
1 November – Roman Temples at Maryport, Prof Ian Haynes [TILLVAS]
6 November – Recent Discoveries on Lindisfarne, Richard Carlton [BAS]
8 November – AGM and the Sir Ralph Grey Monument in Chillingham Church, Derek Cutts [NAG]
9 November – Sequencing Ancient British Genomes, Matthew Teasdale [APPLEBY]
11 November – Durham Cathedral and its role in the history of architectural structure and decoration, Prof Eric Fernie [ARCH & ARCH]
14 November – The Willington Waggonway, Dominique Bell [Newcomen North East] 
25 November – AGM and Annual Study Day: Fieldwork in Egypt: Old, New and Revisited, Angus Graham, Jo Rowland, Penny Wilson and Aurelia Masson-Berghoff [NEAES]
28 November – James Cook: Raising Anchors and Digging for Cottages, Phil Philo [TAS]
29 November – Incendiary letters and Iniquitous practices; Smuggling and Customs Evasion on the North East Coast 1750-1830, Tony Barrow [SOCANTS]

December 2017
4 December – Hadrian’s Wall: archaeological site or artistic muse? Lindsay Allason-Jones [BAS]
6 December – Member’s Night: Deserted Medieval Villages; Carham; Football, Maya Style, Allan Colman, Clive Hallam-Baker, Mike Keating [TILLVAS]
13 December – Christmas Event [NAG]
14 December – Digital Archaeology, Jamie Quartermaine [APPLEBY]


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