Archive Events

January 2014

6 January – A History of the Labour Movement in Westmorland, Lord David Clark [C&WAAS]

8 January – Lauren Proctor (Finds Liaison Officer) [NAG]

11 January – Licking and rolling – early Christian Exegesis and the Ruthwell and Bewcastle Crosses, Dr Eric Cambridge [ARCH & ARCH]

14 January – Migrating Miners, Mining Institute, Westgate Road [MINING INSTITUTE]

14 January – AGM & Members evening. (TBC) [APPLEBY]

17 January – Reconstructing Hadrian’s Wall, David Breeze [C&WAAS]

18 January- Lakeland dialect and its origins, Jean Scott-Smith [C&WAAS]

21 January – Hindenberg and Luddendorf: A Brilliant Parnership?, Emeritus Professor John Derry, Newcastle University [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

25 January – Excavations at Tell Timai (Thmouis), James Bennett, Durham University [NEAES]

29 January – The battle between a town councillor and an architect and the poliss, Derek CuttS [SOCANTS]

February 2014

1 February – Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Westmorland County Council and road improvement 1889-1939, Jean Turnbull [C&WAAS]

3 February – Green Treasures from the Magic Mountains: the amazing story of Nerolithic Jadeite axeheads, Dr Alison Sheridan [BAS]

3 February – Hiring Fairs, Stephen Caunce [C&WAAS]

5 February – The Flodden 500 Transcription Project, Linda Bankier [TILLVAS]

6 February – Steve Wood collection, John Boothroyd [GATESHEAD]

8 February – Coasts, cairns and Carnac – the Neolithic archaeology of Brittany, Prof Chris Scarre [ARCH & ARCH]

11 February -The Discovering Derventio Project: Excavations at Papcastle 2012 – 2013, Mark Graham, Grampus Heritage & Training [APPLEBY]

12 February – Fighting Farmers or Homeric Heroes? Warfare and Warriors in Late Bronze Age Britain, Ben Roberts – memorial lecture for Ian Colquhoun [NAG]

13 Feb – 7.30pm Glendale Local History Society, Wooler [NEWMP]

15 February- Roman Frontiers in their landscape setting, David Breeze [C&WAAS]

18 February – 2pm Friendship Club, Chadca Community Centre, Chapel House, Newcastle [NEWMP]

18 February – The Better Part of Valour: British Understandings of Courage during the First World War, Dr Edward Madigan [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

21 February – The Carlisle Canal, David Ramshaw [C&WAAS]

22nd February, 2014 – Members’ Meeting, St. Nicholas Church Hall, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. [ANLHS)

26 February – The Iron Age on the Northumberland Coastal Plain, Nick Hodgson [SOCANTS]

March 2014

3 March – The Circus comes to Town Roman Wild Beast Shows, Jeremy Paterson [BAS]

3 March- Anglo-Saxon Settlement in the Ingleborough Area – New Research, David Johnson [C&WAAS]

4 March – Douglas Haig, the First World War, and the British People, Professor Gary Sheffield, University of Birmingham [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

5 March – Magic Metals, Trevor Cowie [TILLVAS]

6 March – Caped Crusaders (Jarrow March), Anthea Lang [GATESHEAD]

10 March – Markets to Supermarkets, Dr Michael Winstanley [C&WAAS]

11 March – Prehistoric features on Fylingdales Moor, North Yorkshire – Moorland surveys and the parallels with Cumbria, Blaise Vyner [APPLEBY]

15 March – Ireland in the Virginia Sea – comparative archaeologies of the early modern Atlantic world, Dr Audrey Horning [ARCH & ARCH]

15 March – Aspects of Tomb Decoration in the Old Kingdom, Violaine Chauvet, Liverpool University [NEAES]

15 March- West Cumberland Shipping through the Ages, David Ramshaw [C&WASS]

21 March – Cattle Droving Through Cumbria, Peter Roebuck [C&WAAS]

26 March- The Anglo-Saxon fortress of Bamburgh: the archaeological evidence, Graeme Young [SOCANTS]

April 2014

 2 April –   Drove Roads of Northumberland, Richard Carlton       [TILLVAS]

 3 April-  Life in the 30s, 40s and 50s, Andrew Clark        [GATESHEAD]

 5 April – Creating Segedunum, Bill Griffiths          [ARCH & ARCH]

5 April, 2014 – Study Day [ANLHS]

7 April – 7.30pm Teesdale Record Society, Cotherstone Methodist Church   [NEWMP]

7 April –  Mapping the Town: the topography of early-modern and medieval Berwick upon Tweed, Catherine Kent  [BAS]

7 April-   John Speed’s Mapping of North-West England, Ian Saunders    [CWAAS]

8 April –  The Silverdale and Furness Viking hoards and other recent finds from Lancashire and Cumbria, Dot Boughton (Lancs & Cumbria Portable Antiquities Scheme                      [APPLEBY]

8 April- The War at Sea from the July Crisis to the eve of Jutland,  Professor Andrew Lambert, King’s College London                      [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

9 April  –  Recent Excavations at Saxon Bamburgh, Graeme Young     [NAG]

12 April – 7:30pm Cambo Village Hall . Robert the Bruce v Edward II by Michael thomson to mark the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. £5 entry Tea & bannock Cake.

14 April  –  Cumbria’s Icehouses, Rob David [CWAAS]

25 April –  The Furness Viking Hoard, Dot Broughton   [CWAAS]

 30 April –  Black-glossed pottery in the Great North Museum, David Gill [SOCANTS]

May 2014

6 May – 7.30pm Bedale History and Archaeology Group, Bedale Hall   [NEWMP]

10 May – AGM in Alnwick [ARCH & ARCH]

12 May  – Rescued from the Sea: Prehistoric discoveries at Low Hauxley, Dr Clive Waddington                  [BAS]

12 May – George Leo Haydock of Penrith, Michael Mullett          [CWAAS]

13 May  – Antiquarians and Medieval Wall Paintings, Dr Kate Giles [DURHAM WHS]

13 May  – Sharp Shooting Pains that Make Me Shout Out: A History of Disability and the First World War,  Professor Joanna Bourke, Birkbeck College London    [NORTHUMBRIA UNI]

14 May           The Low Hauxley 2013 Excavations, Clive Waddington         [NAG]

17 May           The Watercolours of Howard Carter, Lee Young, Griffith Institute, Oxford   [NEAES]

19 May – Syria: Cultural Heritage in Conflict, Dr Emma Cunliffe, 3.30pm, room PG20, Pemberton Building, Palace Green, Durham [ARCH & ARCH]

22 May  – Children’s Footwear from Vindolanda, Elizabeth Greene [VINDOLANDA]

23 May – The sign of Jonah: theology and scripture in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History,  Dr Jennifer O’Reilly [57TH JARROW LECTURE]

 28 May           Binchester excavations, the first five years, David Petts   [SOCANTS]

  June 2014

2 June            Kristian Pedersen, BAS Summer Activities        [BAS]

07 June –  Dead and (un)buried – problems and perspectives in funerary archaeology, Prof. Mike Parker Pearson [DURHAM UNI ARCHAEOLOGY DEP]

11 June         Recent Excavations at Bradford Kaims, Paul Gething             [NAG]

17 June, 7.00, Their Swords Shall Not Rust. The Plebs League and the Labour College Movement in North East England, 1908-1926, Rob Turnbull. North East Labour History Society meeting, at the Lit and Phil

21 June         Round the County, to be hosted by Glendale Historical Society [ANLHS]

21 June, 12.30-1.30, Imagery and symbolism in Ecclesiastical glass in Sunderland, Michael Johnson (Lecturer in Design History at Northumbria University), National Glass Centre, Sunderland, SR6 0GL (one of a series of Heritage Talks). Free, no need to pre-book

21 June, 3.45-5.00pm, Britain and the Long Shadow of the Great War, Professor David Reynolds (Cambridge University), Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University. Free but please pre-register by contacting Anna Warren by e-mail: or phone 0191 208 3559.

 25 June         John Collingwood Bruce, a Victorian Polymath, David Breeze [SOCANTS]

July 2014

1 July –  From Vindolanda to Rimini: Roman Medicine in Practice, Dr Ralph Jackson [VINDOLANDA]

19 July           The Hekanakhte Letters, Olive Hogg                   [NEAES]

 30 July           Hidden Histories of WW1, Roberta Goldwater   [SOCANTS]

31 July  – Crime and Punishment in Roman Britain, Lindsay Allason-Jones

August 2014

 27 August      Northumbrian Food, Peter Brears                        [SOCANTS]

28 August  – The Makers Mark – Understanding and Utilising the Evidence of Makers Marks on Terra Sigillata (Samian) Pottery at Vindolanda Roman Fort and Settlement, Kate Sheehan Finn

September 2014

1 September       Picts – Excavations at Rhynie, in Aberdeenshire, Dr Gordon Noble   [BAS]

8 September       Brancepeth Archaeology and History Group      [NEWMP]

20 September    Constance Fraser Memorial Lecture, Mining Institute, Newcastle upon Tyne [ANLHS]

20 September – Reconstructing Hadrian’s Wall, Prof. David Breeze [ARCH & ARCH]

24 Sept – Unearthly Emptiness, Late Antiquity in Bede’s Northumbria, Scott Ashley  [SOCANTS]

October 2014

6 October       Archaeoastronomy: a brief history, Prof Clive Ruggles            [BAS]

11 October – Monarch, Prince and Lord: aspects of castle building in north Wales and the March in the 13th century, Dr John Kenyon [ARCH & ARCH]

15 October The Bombardment of the Hartlepools: new light on old wounds, Mark Simmonds [NAG]

18 Oct – The Mythologising of Akhenaten, Lucia Gahlin, University College London  [NEAES]

29 October     The development of English Heraldry, David White     [SOCANTS]

November 2014

3 November        Bruce Glendinning             [BAS]

8 November    Annual General Meeting, Maritime Museum, Newbiggin by the Sea [ANLHS]

8 Nov – Celtic Art in Northern Britain: an archaeological view, Dr Fraser Hunter [ARCH & ARCH]

12 November Annual General Meeting and The Oldest Boat in Town, Frank Robinson [NAG]

22 November      ANNUAL STUDY DAY and AGM ‘Rocks and Quarries’   [NEAES]

26 November      Grand Tour and the North East, Anne French               [SOCANTS]

28 Nov ember      7.15pm Morpeth Antiquarian Society, St. James Hall   [NEWMP]

December 2014

 1 December   The origins of metallurgy in Europe: new insights from Italy, Dr Andrea Dolfini             [BAS]

13 Dec – Members meeting at Oriental Museum, Durham [ARCH & ARCH]

January 2015

5 January – The Viking-Age Cemetery at Cumwhitton, Dr Rachel Newman, Oxford Archaeology North [C&WAAS]

7 January – Footpaths and rights of way, Sue Rogers [TILLVAS]

12 January –  Joseph Scott of Penrith – ‘Mr Los Angeles’, John Sharpe [C&WAAS]

13 January – AGM and Member’s Evening [APPLEBY]

14 January – Altars and Temples at Roman Maryport: reflections on four seasons of fieldwork on the Cumbrian Coast, Tony Wilmott, English Heritage [NAG]

17 January – The Mesolithic of the Outer Hebrides, Prof Peter Rowley-Conwy, Durham University [Arch & Arch]

17 January – Archaeology at Holm Cultram, Pat Bull and Gill Goodfellow [C&WAAS]

23 January – Medieval Coinage of Cumbria 1279-1485, Carl Savage [C&WAAS]
24 January – The Two Cities of Sais:updates on recent work, Penny Wilson, Durham University [NEAES]

27 January – AGM and CSI Forensics, Dr Tim Thompson, Teesside University [TAS]

28 January – Anniversary Meeting and Excavation of the Bigges Main Waggonway, Richard Carlton and Les Turnbull [SOCANTS]

February 2015

2 February – Treasure Trove in Scotland; medieval and other discoveries from the Scottish Borders, Stuart Campbell, Treasure Trove Unit, National Museums of Scotland [BAS]

4 February – Conservation of Ruins, Robin Kent [TILLVAS]

9 February – Appleby Horse Fair, Andy Connell [C&WAAS]

10 February – The Carlisle Ship Canal 1821-1853, David Ramshaw [APPLEBY]

11 February – Archaeological Excavation in Post-Revolution Egypt, Penny Wilson, Durham University [NAG]

14 February – “We dusted them off good”: the German army at Beaumont Hamel, 1914-16, Alistair Fraser, Palace Green Library [ARCH & ARCH]

20 February – (hosted by the Carlisle Affiliated Group at Tullie House, Carlisle) Between a rock and a hard place: Westmorland County Council and the Motor Car, Jean Turnbull, [C&WAAS]

21 February – 18th century Wigton philanthropist George Moore, Nigel Entwistle [C&WAAS]

24 February – Roman Binchester Bling, Dr David Petts, Durham University [TAS]

25 February – New Perspectives on the The Great Tyne Flood of 1771 [SOCANTS]

March 2015

2 March – Eyewitness to disaster: Pliny and the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum, Dr Jeremy Paterson [BAS]

4 March – Ian Colquhoun Memorial Lecture: Fighting in the Bronze Age: Field experiments and use-wear analysis, Dr Andrea Dolfini, Newcastle University [NAG]

4 March – Waggon Ways and the Neptune Shipyard, Richard Carlton [TILLVAS]

7 March – The King under the Car Park: Greyfriars, Leicester and the Search for Richard III, Richard Buckley, University of Leicester Archaeological Services [ARCH & ARCH]

7 March – 42nd Annual Archaeology Forum and launch of the Regional Heritage Centre, Faraday Lecture Theatre, Lancaster University

9 March – Penrith and the Great War, Susan Dench [C&WAAS]

10 March – Medieval Deer Parks of Cumbria, Harry Hawkins [APPLEBY]

11 March – Colin Burgess, 1938-2014, an appreciation and the first twenty years of NAG,
Gordon Moir [NAG]

14 March – Eight Women – understanding gender and the afterlife in Late Middle Kingdom Burials, Wolfram Grajetzki, UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology [NEAES]

16 March – Giza and the AERA Project at the Workmen’s Town, Ana Tavares,

21 March – (hosted by the South West Cumbria H & A Society at the Market Hall, Egremont) Work in progress, John Zant [C&WAAS]

25 March – Low Hauxley in context: rescue excavation of a multi-period coastal site [SOCANTS]

31 March – Crowd-funded Archaeology, Lisa Westcott Wilkins & Brendan Wilkins, DigVentures [TAS]

April 2015

1 April – AGM and talk, Dr Chris Burgess [TILLVAS]

11 April – AGM in Carlisle (details to be confirmed) [C&WAAS]

13 April – The Archaeology of Sugar: a view from Southern Jordan, Dr Richard Jones,
Glasgow University [BAS]

14 April – The Roman Navy and the Classis Brittanica, Dr David Mason [APPLEBY]

15 April – The bombardment of the Hartlepools: new light on old wounds, Mark Simmons, NAG]

18 April – Trading places: the Salcombe Bronze Age shipwreck, Dr Ben Roberts, Durham University [ARCH & ARCH]

21 April – Archaeology at Kiplin Hall, Jim Brightman, Solstice Heritage [TAS]

29 April – AGM and From Farms to Arms: The History of Military Training at Catterick, Phil Abramson, Defence Estates [SOCANTS]


May 2015

6 May – Landscape, Prof Sam Turner, Newcastle University [TILLVAS]

11 May – The CARE of Rock Art in the UK and Ireland, Myra Giesen and Aron Mazel [BAS]

13 May – Recent excavations in Northumberland Park, North
Shields, Richard Carlton, The Archaeological Practice Ltd [NAG]

16 May – AGM in Bishop Auckland (details to be confirmed) [ARCH & ARCH]

26 May – Saxon Landscapes, Dr Sarah Semple, Durham University [TAS]

27 May – Where have all the Soldiers gone? Reflections on Hadrian’s Wall: Frontiers, Prefects and Warbands, Prof Brian Roberts [SOCANTS]

June 2015
1 June – Routes to Flodden in 1513, David Caldwell [BAS]
3 June – Excavations at High Hauxley, Dr Clive Waddington, Archaeological Research Services Ltd [TILLVAS]
24 June – On the march: Roman campaigns in Scotland, Rebecca Jones [SOCANTS]
30 June – A1 Archaeology Update, Dr Steve Sherlock [TAS]

July 2015
1 July – Killing Kings – James IV and Richard III, Mark Hall [TILLVAS]
29 July – The Great Fire of Newcastle, Mark Thornton

26 August – The Earliest  Northumbrian Books, Prof Richard Gameson [SOCANTS]

September 2015
7 September – Industrial Archaeology in the Borders, Prof John Hume, Glasgow and St Andrews Universities [BAS]
29 September – Digging for Money – Commercial Archaeology, Mitchell Pollington, AOC Archaeology Group [TAS]
30 September – (at Room A003, Ellison Building, Northumbria University) The Past in Pixels: recent developments in visualisation and virtual reality, David Heslop and Iwan Peverel [SOCANTS]

October 2015
5 October – The Dr Malcolm Aylett Memorial Lecture: The Ness of Brodgar –  investigating a prehistoric enigma, Nick Card, Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology [BAS]
10 October – Re-imagining Egypt: Artists, Communities and Collaborative Egyptology Displays, Gemma Tully, Saffron Walden Museum [NEAES]
27 October – Community Archaeology, Dr Carenza “TimeTeam” Lewis, Cambridge University [TAS]
28 October – ‘Bonny Geordie’: Sir George Elliot and the Making of the Modern World, Bill Lancaster [SOCANTS]

November 2015
2 November – Heritage Management; not as dull as it sounds, Rori McDonald, Scottish Borders Council [BAS]
21 November – Dazzling Sundisk: Life and Death of Amenhotep III Annual Study Day and AGM [NEAES]
24 November – Operation Nightingale Catterick & Cyprus, Phil Abramson and Steve Sherlock [TAS]
25 November –  (at the Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University) Life and
Death of Oetzi the Iceman, James Dickson [SOCANTS]

December 2015
5 December – (at 10am and in the Dorman Museum) The Elgee Memorial Lecture: Iron
Age Royal Centre at Stanwick, Prof Colin Haselgrove, Leicester University [TAS]
7 December – Christmas Event [BAS]
7 December – North Craven in the Early Medieval Period: A new insight, David Johnson [LUNESDALE]
8 December – Excavation of the Roman cemetery on Botchergate,
Carlisle, Richard Newman [APPLEBY]

January 2016
6 January – What we remember, what we forget, Dr Chris Bowles [TILLVAS]
12 January – AGM and Member’s Evening: Bronze Age Copper on the Great Orme and The Appleby Research Project [APPLEBY]
13 January – Settlements in Southeast Northumberland: new discoveries through remote sensing, David Astbury, Newcastle University [NAG]
16 January – Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Networks in Ireland, Scotland, England: an Inishowen Case Study, Colm O’Brien [ARCH & ARCH]
26 January – Short AGM and a talk on Vindolanda, Lauren Wilkinson [TAS]
27 January – Commemorating the Jarrow Crusade: why the Crusade remains relevant today, Matt Perry [SANT]

February 2016
1 February – Antiquarian rubbings to Wemyss Caves 4D: 50 years of documentation of the Pictish carvings in the Wemyss Caves, Fife, Joanna Hambly [BAS]
3 February – Dial Knowe: Excavations at The Hirsel, Lady Caroline Douglas-Home MBE [TILLVAS]
6 February – “He found it like Heaven within”: Innovation in Middle Kingdom Tomb Decoration, Margaret Maitland [NEAES]
8 February – The Formby Footprints, Jamie Lund [LUNESDALE]
9 February – The Relationship between Native Britons and their Roman Overlords in the North West, Jamie Quartermaine [APPLEBY]
9 February – A review of the 2015 CCA dig at the two sites at Hepden Burn, John Nolan and Richard Carlton [CCA]
10 February – The CITiZAN project: Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network, Megan Clement, Citizan Project [NAG]
13 February – Trading Places: The Salcombe Bronze Age Shipwreck, Dr Ben Roberts [ARCH & ARCH]
23 February – St Cuthbert’s Corpse, Dr David Williams [TAS]
24 February – A Good Night’s Entertainment: music in 18th century Newcastle, Dr Roz Southey [SANT]

March 2016
2 March – Experimental Archaeometallurgy in Early-Middle Bronze Age Cyprus, Marco Romeo Pitone [NAG]
2 March – Vikings in the North Atlantic, Kristian Pedersen [TILLVAS]
5 March – Were the Trypillia mega-sites the first cities in Europe?, Prof John Chapman and Dr Bisserka Gaydarska [ARCH & ARCH]
7 March – Early Bronze Age Burial Practices in NE England and SE Scotland, Dr Chris Fowler [BAS]
7 March – Researching the Highway across Tarn and Ravenstondale Moors, Geoff Wilson [LUNESDALE]
8 March – Lime Burning & Lime Kilns in Westmorland, Dr David Johnson [APPLEBY]
9 March – The Border Roads Project: a review of what’s been done so far and a plan for fieldwork and other activities in 2016, David Jones and others [CCA]
19 March – Holy rubbish! Reinterpreting the Hierakonpolis Main Deposit, Liam McNamara [NEAES]
24 March – The Hareshaw Ironworks at Bellingham, Ian Roberts [CCA]
29 March – Dead Men DO tell tales,  Dr Andrew Millard [TAS]
30 March – Hidden Gems: the manuscripts and rare books in Ushaw College Library, Jonathan Bush [SANT]

April 2016
4 April – An engraved landscape: rock carvings from the ‘Central Sahara’, Dr Tertia Barnett [BAS]
6 April – Salters Nick – Some Final Conclusions, John Davies [NAG]
6 April – AGM followed by The 2015 Flodden 500 Excavations, Richard Carlton and John Nolan [TILLVAS]
12 April – Furness Abbey and her Daughter Houses: Irish Sea Relations in the Medieval era, Dr Fiona Edmunds [APPLEBY]
19 April – Neven Castle in Pembrokeshire, Dr Chris Caple [TAS]
23 April – Lead mining landscapes and legacies of the North Pennine Uplands, Mark Kincey [ARCH & ARCH]
27 April – The Cosmos, Kant and Thomas Wright of Durham, Andrew Fletcher [SANT]
Date to be confirmed: April – Wetlands in the Neolithic, Dr Kristian Pedersen [CCA]

May 2016
4 May – Whaling in the North-East, Tony Barrow [TILLVAS]
9 May – The Economy of the Roman Empire: dynamic or stagnant?, Jeremy Paterson [BAS]
10 May – Evening walk to Smardale Lime Kilns, Carol Doughtery [APPLEBY]
11 May – Art connects people: Iron Age and Roman period glass bangles in Continental Europe and Britain, Tatiana Ivleva, Newcastle University [NAG]
14 May – AGM at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle, with a talk on the Scottish Soldiers Project, Dr Andrew Millard [ARCH & ARCH]
21 May – The Mummy Pits of Ancient Egypt, Tessa Baber [NEAES]
25 May – Owners and Agents; managing a large lead business in the 18th century northeast, Greg Finch [SANT]
31 May – Community Archaeology: Getting Involved in Research, Dr Jon Kenny [TAS]
Date to be confirmed: May – Annual General Meeting [CCA]

June 2016
1 June – Tantallon Castle: an update, Adrian Cox [TILLVAS]
6 June – Young Archaeologists: Newcastle University’s work with the next generation, Dr Jane Webster [BAS]
28 June – All that glitters: Metal detecting, The Treasure Act and the Portable Antiquities Scheme Revolution, Dr Ben Roberts [TAS]
29 June – Gifts to the Gods: interpreting the Romano-British finds assemblage from the River Tees at Piercebridge, Dr Philippa Walton [SANT]

July 2016
16 July – ‘Created for those who had been living on the desert like jackals’: Nebre and ‘his’ Libyan fortress, Glen Godenho [NEAES]
27 July – Hadrian’s Wall Path and the Roman Wall; your heritage in our hands, David McGlade [SANT]
30 July – 2000 Years of Hungate, Toby Kendall [ARCH & ARCH]

August 2016
31 August – Bradford Kaims, a prehistoric landscape, Paul Gething [SANT]

September 2016
5 September – Mortuary Archaeology, Dr Myra Giesen [BAS]
7 September – Medieval Highlands and Islands, David Caldwell [TILLVAS]
8 September – Remote Sensing, David Astbury [CCA]
14 September – Artefacts from the Slave Trade, Dr Jane Webster [CCA]
17 September – Excavations at St Botolph’s Chapel, Frosterley, Paul Frodsham [ARCH & ARCH]
27 September – Street House before the Saxons, Steve Sherlock [TAS]
28 September – From Tyneside to Fratricide: north-easterners in the Spanish Civil War, Lewis Mates [SANT]

October 2016
3 October – Depicting the Dead: an insight into craniofacial analysis for forensic identification and archaeological investigation, Dr Eilidh Ferguson [BAS]
8 October – Death on the Nile: Uncovering Lives and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt, Helen Strudwick [NEAES]
9 October – Bosworth 1485, Dr Glenn Foard [TILLVAS]
12 October –  Excavations at Derwentcote: a Study in Nineteenth Century Worker’s Housing, Rob Young [NAG]
13 October – Mapping the Medieval Landscape of Cumbria, Dr Caron Newman [APPLEBY]
16 October – David Dippie Dixon Memorial Lectures: William Boyd and Controversy as well as Neanderthal Hunting and animal avoidance strategies, Professor Mark White [CCA]
19 October – The archaeology of St John Lateran and the transformation of Rome from Septimius Severus to Constantine, Professor Ian Haynes [ARCH & ARCH]
25 October – Children of the Revolution, Dr Becky Gowland [TAS]
26 October – Kirkharle, Rothley and Alnwick: the three Northumberland landscapes of Capability Brown, Nick Owen [SANT]

November 2016
2 November – Excavations at Low Hauxley, Dr Clive Waddington [TILLVAS]
3 November  – The Roman Temples Project; Excavating a cult sanctuary on the Empire’s northern frontier, Professor Ian Haynes [CCA]
7 November – Pagan Viking Burial in Scotland, Dr Colleen Batey [BAS]
9 November – Annual General Meeting and Grimes Graves and the Neolithic Flint Mines of the UK, Pete Topping [NAG]
10 November – Recent excavations at Vindolanda, Marta Alberti [APPLEBY]
12 November – Light without Morris: alternative perspectives on Victorian stained glass, Dr Neil Moat [ARCH & ARCH]
26 November – Annual Study Day and AGM: The Theban West Bank Tombs: new Research and Directions [NEAES]
29 November – Archaeology on Roads: Some Recent Projects, Dr Steve Sherlock [TAS]
30 November – ‘Worthy of the true genius of architecture’: John Dobson’s design for Newcastle Central Station, Dr Eric Cambridge [SOCANTS]

December 2016
5 December – Mesolithic of Western Scotland and the Mesolithic/Neolithic of SE Europe, Prof Clive Bonsall [BAS]
7 December – Eyemouth Medieval Fort, Fiona Glover [TILLVAS]
8 December – Excavation of the Roman cemetery on Botchergate, Cumbria, Dr Richard Newman [APPLEBY]
14 December – Christmas Event [NAG]
Date to be confirmed: December – The Elgee Memorial Lecture [TAS]

January 2017
4 January – Zoological Material in Anglo-Saxon Society, David Constantine [TILLVAS]
12 January – AGM & Member’s Evening [APPLEBY]
18 January – Prehistoric Settlement in Northumberland: new discoveries and new directions, Clive Waddington [NAG]

21 January – Isotopes and Archaeology, Ruaridh Ellison [ARCH & ARCH]
21 January – Grasping Sand: the importance of sand in Egyptian rituals, Julie Misuriello [NEAES]
25 January – Beyond The Wall, Tynedale North of the Wall Archaeology Group [SOCANTS]
31 January – AGM and The Tyne Brewery Site, Newcastle: beer, industry and moral turpitude [TAS]
tbc January – Post Christmas social evening [WCAS]

February 2017
1 February – Excavations at Binchester Roman Fort, Dr David Petts [TILLVAS]

6 February – Celts, Fraser Hunter [BAS]
8 February – Excavations at Hepden Burn and Kyloe Shin, John Nolan and Richard Carlton [CCA]
8 February – Prehistoric Life and Death at Lochinver, Philippa Cockburn [NAG]

9 February – The Prehistoric Origins of the A1(M), Dr Blaise Vyner [APPLEBY]
10 February – The Clayton Archaeological Collection, Frances McIntosh [WCAS]
11 February – Green treasures from the magic mountains: the amazing story of Neolithic axeheads, Dr Alison Sheridan [ARCH & ARCH]
13 February – The Neolithic in the North-West: What makes this region different?, Gill Hey [LUNESDALE]
28 February – Death and Discovery, David Dance [TAS]

March 2017
1 March – Update on Coldingham Priory, Dr Chris Bowles [TILLVAS]
4 March – Aldborough: the Roman town of Isurium Brigantum: recent work, Professor Martin Millett [ARCH & ARCH]
4 March – Finds from Holm Cultram [WCAS]
6 March – Vindolanda, Andrew Birley [BAS]
8 March – An update on the Border Roads Project [CCA]
8 March – Earth and Fire: non-megalithic mortuary practices of the British earlier Neolithic, Marieka Ahlers [NAG]

9 March – The Cumwhitton Viking Burials: Part 1 – Excavation, Adam Parsons [APPLEBY]
13 March – Swords, Seascapes and the Setting Sun: 6000 years of life and death in Swordle Bay, Ardnamurchan, Western Scotland, Dr Hannah Cobb [LUNESDALE]
18 March – Montuhotep and the reunification of Egypt, Sarah Griffiths [NEAES]
23 March tbc – Nick Hodgson [CCA]
28 March – Fylingdales Moor after the Wildfire, Blaise Vyner [TAS]
29 March – Auckland Castle in 2017: the current state of archaeological research of a Bishop’s Palace, Garden and Estate, Chris Ferguson [SOCANTS]

April 2017
3 April – Iron Age and Roman period glass bangles, Tatiana Ivleva [BAS]
5 April – Rethinking henge monuments of the British Isles: what can we say about this ‘type’ of site?, Lucy Cummings [NAG]
5 April – AGM and Excavations in Northumberland in 2016, Richard Carlton [TILLVAS]
7 April – Bog Bodies, Prof. Miranda Aldhouse-Green [WCAS]

10 April – AGM [LUNESDALE]
13 April – The Cumwhitton Viking Burials: Part 2 – Interpretation, Adam Parsons [APPLEBY]
18 April – Early Post-Glacial Hunter-Gatherers of Northern England – and Well Beyond, Professor Peter Rowley-Conwy [TAS]
20 April – Prehistoric Flint Mines, Pete Topping [CCA]

22 April – Desert wastes, pagan temples and the Nile Valley: locating monasteries in Coptic Egypt, James Taylor [ARCH & ARCH, NEAES]
26 April – A battalion on the learning curve; 18 DLI in training and in war, Alistair Fraser [SOCANTS]

May 2017
3 May – Environmental Change and Archaeology, Professor Richard Tipping [TILLVAS]
8 May – Bradford Kaims, Paul Gething [BAS]
10 May – Recent Archaeological Discoveries in the North Pennines, Paul Frodsham [NAG]
11 May – AGM and the Bamburgh Research Project, Graeme Young [CCA]
13 May – The Dog Catacomb at Saqqara, Paul Nicholson [NEAES]
30 May – Lindisfarne and the Holy Island, David Petts [TAS]
31 May – Battle of Brunanburh and Cambridge CCC, MS 183, Andrew Breeze [SOCANTS]

June 2017
5 June – Needles Eye, Jenny Proctor [BAS]
7 June – Durham and Dunbar: Identifying Scottish soldiers at Palace Green, Richard Annis [TILLVAS]
27 June – Pons Aelius to Pandon, Jennifer Morrison [TAS]
28 June – Romano-British glass bangles: a reappraisal, Tatiana Ivleva [SOCANTS]

July 2017
15 July – Tomb Security in Ancient Egypt, Reg Clark [NEAES]
25 July – Durham’s Museum of Archaeology and its Collections, Gemma Lewis [TAS]
26 July – Death March or Picnic? The Aftermath of the Battle of Dunbar, John Malden [SOCANTS]
28 July – Durham Museum of Archaeology and its Collection, Gemma Lewis [TAS]

August 2017
30 August – The 15th Century Grey Tomb in Chillingham Church, Northumberland: the monument in context, Derek Cutts [SOCANTS]

September 2017
4 September – Local Geology, Ian Kille [BAS]
6 September – Following the Coca shrub throughout the Americas – archaeological evidence for cocaine use, Prof Maria Chester [TILLVAS]
12 September – The Byzantine Water Supply of Constantinople, Martin Crapper [Newcomen North East]
26 September – This Year’s Archaeology: An Interim Statement, Steve Sherlock [TAS]
27 September – Recent work by Newcastle University on the Hadrian’s Wall system, Ian Haynes [SOCANTS]
30 September – Rock art without borders: the Northumberland and Durham Rock Art Project (NADRAP) legacy and future directions, Kate Sharpe [ARCH & ARCH]

October 2017
2 October – “Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be broken”: reconstructing Bronze Age fighting styles, Andrea Dolfini [BAS]
7 October – Cobras, Demons and ‘Fighters’: Demonology in Ancient Egypt, Kasia Szpakowska [NEAES]
8 October – Mary, Queen of Scots, Jordan Evans [TILLVAS]
11 October – The Jomon Period Obsidian Mines in the Hoshikuso Pass, Nagawa, Japan, Pete Topping [NAG]
12 October – Medieval Grave Slabs of Cumbria, Peter Ryder [APPLEBY]
13 October – The Archaeology of Early Steam Locomotives, Dr Michael Bailey [Newcomen North East]
14 October – New Insights into Iron Age and Roman County Durham, David Mason [ARCH & ARCH]
15 October – David Dippie Dixon Memorial Lectures: The Roman assault on Burnswark Hill and New Views on Roman Scotland, John Reid [CCA]
25 October – Putting the People in the Pageant: Visions of People’s History and the Industrial Revolution in Historical Pageants in Britain, 1905-2016, Alexander Hutton [SOCANTS]
31 October – The River Tees Rediscovered, Robin Daniels [TAS]

November 2017
1 November – Roman Temples at Maryport, Prof Ian Haynes [TILLVAS]
6 November – Recent Discoveries on Lindisfarne, Richard Carlton [BAS]
8 November – AGM and the Sir Ralph Grey Monument in Chillingham Church, Derek Cutts [NAG]
9 November – Sequencing Ancient British Genomes, Matthew Teasdale [APPLEBY]
11 November – Durham Cathedral and its role in the history of architectural structure and decoration, Prof Eric Fernie [ARCH & ARCH]
14 November – The Willington Waggonway, Dominique Bell [Newcomen North East] 
25 November – AGM and Annual Study Day: Fieldwork in Egypt: Old, New and Revisited, Angus Graham, Jo Rowland, Penny Wilson and Aurelia Masson-Berghoff [NEAES]
28 November – James Cook: Raising Anchors and Digging for Cottages, Phil Philo [TAS]
29 November – Incendiary letters and Iniquitous practices; Smuggling and Customs Evasion on the North East Coast 1750-1830, Tony Barrow [SOCANTS]

December 2017
4 December – Hadrian’s Wall: archaeological site or artistic muse? Lindsay Allason-Jones [BAS]
6 December – Member’s Night: Deserted Medieval Villages; Carham; Football, Maya Style, Allan Colman, Clive Hallam-Baker, Mike Keating [TILLVAS]
13 December – Christmas Event [NAG]
14 December – Digital Archaeology, Jamie Quartermaine [APPLEBY]

January 2018
3 January – Ford Westfield Farm in the 19th century, David Lockie [TILLVAS]
11 January – AGM and Members’ 20th Anniversary Talks [APPLEBY]
17 January – Geordies in the Alentejo (Fieldwork in Portugal 1986-93), Gordon Moir, [NAG]
20 January – The amiable Dr. Spence: sermons and gardens in mid-eighteenth century Durham, Martin Roberts [ARCH & ARCH]
25 January – Bodies of Evidence, Professor Tim Thompson [TAS]
27 January – Amasis, a true philhellene? Reconsidering evidence from Memphis, Claus Jurman [NEAES] Please note the new date!!
27 January  – Made of stone but built on sand: what now for rock art research?, Don O’Meara [TYNEDALE]
30 January – AGM and ‘Jowel, jowel and listen lad’: vernacular song and industrial archaeology, Dr Rob Young [TAS]
31 January – The Saint and The Devil: Saint Cuthbert and the Vikings, Max Adams [SOCANTS]

February 2018
5 February – Scotland’s early silver – from Roman bribes to Pictish bling, Fraser Hunter [BAS]
7 February – Northumbrian Earth, Ian Kille [TILLVAS]
7 February – AGM [TYNEDALE]

8 February – Travels of an archaeologist, Patricia Shaw [APPLEBY]
10 February – How can the study of place names help the archaeologist? and Early Medieval North Pennines, Prof Diana Whaley and Dr David Petts respectively [ALTOGETHER]

12 February – Title to be confirmed, Jamie Lund [LUNESDALE]
13 February – The Industrial Archaeology of the Infrastructure of Rocket Research and Missile Deployment, Wayne Cocroft [NEWCOMEN]

14 February – The Bedale Iron Age enclosure and Aiskew Roman villa: excavations ahead of the BALB bypass, Jenny Proctor [NAG]
15 February – The 2017 Excavations at Hepden Burn and Buckham’s Walls Burn, Richard Carlton & John Nolan [CCA]
17 February – Ancient DNA and Archaeology: deciphering human prehistoric migrations, Dr Eva Fernandez-Dominguez [ARCH & ARCH]
27 February – The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Co. Durham, Darlington and Teesside: Recent Finds of Note, Ben Westwood [TAS] CANCELLED DUE TO THE WEATHER
28 February – Northumberland and its Names c. 1860 – New light from the Ordnance Survey Name Books, Diana Whaley [SOCANTS] CANCELLED DUE TO THE WEATHER

March 2018
1 March – Bronze Age metallurgy, Ben Roberts [CCA] CANCELLED DUE TO THE WEATHER

5 March – Whitby Abbey, Tony Wilmott [BAS] CANCELLED DUE TO THE WEATHER
7 March – Early Bronze Age Practices in NE England and SE Scotland, Dr Chris Fowler [TILLVAS] CANCELLED DUE TO THE WEATHER
8 March – Headlands to Headspace: the archaeology of the HLF funded Project on the heritage of Morecambe Bay, Louise Martin [APPLEBY]
12 March – Romano-British local supply to the Roman Army in the Northwest, Sue Stallibrass [LUNESDALE]
17 March – Altogether Archaeology AGM and AA’s 2017 investigation of the Well Head settlement at Holwick, Upper Teesdale and Scandinavian influences in the Tees Valley, Martin Green and others, as well as Liz Ryan [ALTOGETHER]
17 March – Dere Street – the archaeology of a Border Road, David Jones [ARCH & ARCH] Please note the new date!!
17 March – Late Palaeolithic Rock Art at Qurta in Egypt & The Old Kingdom Settlement at El-Kab: recent excavation and fieldwork, Dr Dirk Huyge & Dr Walter Claes [NEAES]
27 March – Lindisfarne to Lancaster: Community-based Excavations in the North of England (and a bit of Scotland), Chris Casswell [TAS]
28 March – A frontier and community in transition: the Tungrian Vindolanda, Andrew Birley [SOCANTS]

April 2018
4 April – AGM and an update on the Mardon 2017 excavations, Richard Carlton [TILLVAS]

9 April – Durham and the Battle of Dunbar: Identifying Scottish soldiers at Palace Green, Durham, Richard Annis [BAS]
11 April – The Peregrini Project: Excavations on Lindisfarne, Richard Carlton [NAG]

12 April – The Late Iron Age royal site at Stanwick, North Yorkshire: new perspectives, Professor Colin Haselgrove [APPLEBY]
20 April – Archaeology and the small finds of North-East England [Joint conference between the Finds Research Group, Durham University, the ARCH & ARCH and CBA North]
21 April – Spinning yarns and skinning rabbits in the later Medieval period: new contributions to the archaeology of religion, sexuality and daily life, Dr Eleanor Standley [ARCH & ARCH]
24 April – Piercebridge and the Romans in the North-East, Dr David Mason [TAS]
25 April – Scotland’s Law Lords v. Northumbrians Behaving Badly – a look at crossborder crime, Margaret Fox [SOCANTS]

27 April – Women in Roman Britain, Lindsay Allason-Jones [CCA]

May 2018
2 May – Scientific Study of Human Remains, Dr Kirsty McCarrison [TILLVAS]
9 May – Aircraft Crash Sites: their study and recovery, Jonathan Shipley [NAG]
12 May – AGM [ARCH & ARCH]

14 May – Finding a lost Lindisfarne Estate, Colm O’Brien [BAS]
19 May – Tell Timai and its Terracotta Figures, James Bennett [NEAES]
29 May – The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Co. Durham, Darlington and Teesside: Recent Finds of Note, Ben Westwood [TAS] Please note the new date of this!!
30 May – Tyne after Tyne: An Environmental History of a River’s Battle for Protection, Leona Skelton [SOCANTS] Please note the change of title!!

June 2018
4 June – title to be announced soon, Professor Jim Crow [BAS] Please note change of title and speaker!!

6 June – Place and Field Names of Northumberland, Professor Diana Whaley [TILLVAS]
9 June – Excavating the Mesolithic in the Western Isles of Scotland, Dr Stephanie Piper [ARCH & ARCH]
26 June – Boskin, Skelbus and Foddergang: Traditional Farm Buildings in the Yorkshire Dales, Jim Brightman, [TAS]

27 June – The North East Coast Exhibition 1929, John Griffiths [SOCANTS]
Date to be confirmed – Stone Carving, Mick Oakey [NEAES]

July 2018
21 July – Summer Lecture and Reception [ARCH & ARCH]
21 July – The Archaeology of Urban Life (and death) at Amarna, Anna Stevens [NEAES]
25 July – John Clayton: Excavator, Collector and Conservator, Frances McIntosh [SOCANTS]

August 2018
22 August – The Holystone Roman Road Dig 2018, Richard Carlton [Holystone History and Archaeology Group]
29 August – William Corbett’s bookshop: a seventeenth-century Newcastle bookseller and his books, Claire Boreham [SOCANTS]

September 2018
3 September – The Archaeology of the Archbasilica of St John Lateran and the Transformation of Rome from Severus to Constantine, Prof Ian Haynes [BAS]
5 September – Medieval Medicine and its use in the present day, Dr Brian Moffatt [TILLVAS]
25 September – talk and speaker to be confirmed, [TAS]

26 September – Collecting at Alnwick Castle: engraved gems in the collection of the Duke of Northumberland, Claudia Wagner [SOCANTS]
27 September – Spitfire Defender of the Skies, Ray Calboutin [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]
29 September – Hidden in Plain Sight: Revealing the forgotten monuments of northern England, Emma Watson [ARCH & ARCH]

October 2018
1 October – The Phallus and the Frontier: the form and function of Phallic Imagery along Hadrian’s Wall, Rob Collins [BAS]
7 October – James IV Memorial Lecture: Henry VIII’s Mary Rose – from seabed to showcase, Dr Alex Hildred [TILLVAS]
10 October – Pineapples for the Prince Bishops!, Harry Beamish [NAG]
11 October – The Dark Age Anglian Kingdom of Northumbria and its links with Appleby, Dr Fiona Edmunds [APPLEBY]
13 October – Early Churches in the North Pennines, and Excavation of an Anglo-Saxon Church on The Heugh at Lindisfarne, Peter Ryder and Richard Carlton [ALTOGETHER]

13 October – Living Abroad: Small Finds and the Ramesside Town at Amara, West in Nubia, Manuela Lehman [NEAES]
14 October –  David Dippie Dixon Memorial Lectures: Conflict, Connubium and Collaboration: complex life in the Frontier Zone and Vindolanda: a frontier in transition, Dr Andrew Birley [CCA]
20 October – The Ebenezer Project: Recording the Nonconformist Chapels of the North East, Peter Ryder [ARCH & ARCH]
25 October – Holwick 2018: Results of this year’s excavations at the Well Head Medieval Settlement [ALTOGETHER]
25 October – Bronze Age Metallurgy, Dr Ben Roberts [CCA]
27 October – More Industrial Subjects  be Identified from the Ward Philipson Photographic Collection, Brian Tunnard [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]
30 October – talk and speaker to be confirmed, [TAS]

31 October – The Great Wall Story – the way I have discovered it, William Lindesay [SOCANTS]

November 2018
3 November – There are no known Anglo-Saxon sites in the North West: an alternative view, and Digging at Sedgeford, Norfolk, David Johnson and Perry Gardner [ALTOGETHER]
5 November – The Earliest Farmers in Northwest Europe: recent advances in our understanding, Peter Rowley-Conwy & Kurt Gron [BAS]

7 November – The Roman Temples at Maryport, Professor Ian Haynes [TILLVAS]
8 November – The lost early medieval kingdom of Rheged, Ronan Toolis [APPLEBY]
10 November – Beyond Heartbreak Hill: Landscapes of the Great Depression in North England, Dr David Petts [ARCH & ARCH]
14 November – AGM and Multi-functional tools: a reassessment of Early Bronze Age battleaxes, Amber Roy [NAG]
15 November – Monuments of St. Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle, Dave Heslop [CCA]
17 November – Arbeia Society Conference 2018: Hadrian’s Wall before the Archaeologists [Arbeia Society]
22 November – Early Railway Research 2018, Les Turnbull [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]

24 November – Annual Study Day: Temples, Cults and Rituals & AGM, Sarah Griffiths, Campbell Price and Penny Wilson [NEAES]
27 November – Heritage Lottery Projects: a report on the TAS Heritage Lottery Funded Projects in 2017: First World War Recording Buildings Project and Ice and Fire Eston Hills Project, Dave Errickson and Adam Mead, [TAS]

28 November – Brinkburn and Warkworth: a search for lost landholdings of St Cuthbert, Colm O’Brien [SOCANTS]

December 2018
1 December – Annual Members Meeting [ARCH & ARCH]
3 December – Plunging climate and tsunami impacts on the Mesolithic population of northern Britain, Clive Waddington [BAS]
5 December – Excavations at Derwentcote: a study in 19th century workers housing. 1856 at Derwentwater Forge, the oldest steel foundry in Britain, Dr Rob Young [TILLVAS]
8 December – Talk title to be announced and Christmas social event [ALTOGETHER]
12 December – Christmas Event [NAG]
13 December – Thorns – a deserted Medieval village at Ribblehead, Dr David Johnson [APPLEBY]

January 2019
2 January – History of Ford Castle, Paul Thompson [TILLVAS]
7 January – In Situ underground remains in UK mines, Chris Twigg [Cleveland Industrial Archaeological Society]
10 January – Member’s Evening and AGM [APPLEBY]
14 January – The Personal Memories of a Farm Manager, Peter Calder [Lowick Heritage Group]
16 January – The Must Farm pile-dwelling: archaeological investigations of a Bronze Age Fenland settlement, Iona Robinson Zeki [LUNESDALE]
16 January – Excavations at Star Carr: new light on an old site, Dr Chantal Conneller [NAG]
19 January – The Finds Liaison Scheme for Durham, Darlington & Teesside, An update of the Holwick 2018 excavation, and Holwick finds and those from other sites in the Tees Valley, Ben Westwood, Martin Green, and Tony Metcalfe respectively [ALTOGETHER]
19 January – The Battle of Brunnenburh – near Durham?, Dr David Shotton [ARCH & ARCH]
24 January – North Eastern World War One Aerial Photography by Gladstone Adams, Keith Newman [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]
26 January – Social Maps of the Late Egyptian Period (664-332 BC), Elena Tiribilli [NEAES] 
29 January – AGM and The Last Three Years at Vindolanda, Marti Alberti [TAS]
30 January – Northumberland and its names c. 1860 – New light from the Ordnance Survey Name Books, Diana Whaley [SOCANTS]

February 2019
4 February – The Paxton Waterwheel: restoration of an 18th century water supply system, John Home-Robertson [BAS]
6 February – Operation Nightingale, Alexander Sotheran [TILLVAS]
6 February – AGM and presentations [TYNEDALE]
7 February – The first season’s work at Linbrig, John Nolan [CCA]
11 February – Holy Island lifeboats, Linda Bankier [Lowick Heritage Group]
11 February – Viking age Cumbria, Fiona Edmonds [LUNESDALE]
12 February – Sir William Arrol & Co Ltd, Dr Miles Oglethorpe [NEWCOMEN]
13 February – Archaeobotany and urban environments – cesspits and sanitation in Medieval England, Don O’Meara [NAG]
14 February – Investigating lead tokens from Holm Cultram Abbey, Kate Rennicks [APPLEBY]
23 February – Nationalism and Archaeology: Excavating Romania’s Roman Past, Emily Hamscan [ARCH & ARCH]
26 February – Recent Research on the Bombardment of the Hartlepools, World War I, Mark Simmons [TAS]
27 February – Excavations at Derwentcote: An Analysis of Nineteenth Century Workers’ Housing, Rob Young [SOCANTS]
28 February – Sir Vincent Riden – Last Chief Mechanical Engineer of the North Eastern Railway, Andrew Everett [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]
February – title and speaker to be announced [NEAES]

March 2019
4 March – Animal Bones in Roman Britain (title to be confirmed), Dr Jim Morris [BAS]
6 March – Bronze Age Burials in N.E. England and S.E. Scotland, Dr Chris Fowler [TILLVAS]
11 March – Deserted Medieval Villages of North Northumberland, Allan Colman [Lowick Heritage Group]
11 March – Stone circles, rings and mounds in Cumbria, Tom Clare [LUNESDALE]
13 March – Excavations at Berk Farm round mound, Isle of Man – the story so far, Dr Chris Fowler [NAG]
14 March – The Work of the Cumbria Vernacular Buildings Group, June Hill [APPLEBY]
16 March – AGM and Exploring North Pennine Place Names, Diana Whaley [ALTOGETHER]
16 March – Deir el-Medina revisited: latest work and discoveries from a site thought to be well known, Cedric Gobeil [NEAES]
20 March – Seven hours, a rubber dingy and a shipwreck: the search for Nova Zembla, Matthew Ayre [NAG]
23 March – Cresswell Pele Tower: From Reivers to Ruins to Restoration, Barry Mead [ARCH & ARCH]
26 March – Buildings of the Historic Core of Skelton, Robin Daniels [TAS]
27 March – Public and private in a domestic context: The underground spaces of the House of the Cryptoporticus in Pompeii, Thea Ravasi [SOCANTS]
28 March – Aspects of the industrial infrastructure on Holy Island, Roger Jermy [CCA]
28 March – Kenton Wartime Bunker; Past, Present and Future, John Mabbit & Russ Charnock [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]

April 2019
1 April – The Enigmatic Trusty’s Hill: Royal Capital of Rheged, Dr Chris Bowles [BAS]
3 April – AGM and An Update on the 2018 Mardon Excavation, Richard Carlton [TILLVAS]
8 April – Lowick Races (Horses, Bikes and Athletics) and the Lowick Feast 19th-20th centuries, Julie Gibbs and cast [Lowick Heritage Group]
8 April – Mediaeval village landscape in Cumbria, David Johnson [LUNESDALE]
9 April – Cold War to Coal Trains – TOPS, British Railways’ First Computer Train Operating System, Johnathan Aylen [NEWCOMEN]
10 April – A History of Alnwick Castle Gardens as revealed through excavation and building recording, Jenny Proctor [NAG]
11 April – A Roman bath house at Stanwix, Frank Giecco [APPLEBY]
11 April – The Eslington Sword, Prof Sam Turner [CCA]
24 April – Magnificent Women and the Revolutionary Machine; The extraordinary individuals who founded the Women’s Engineering Society in 1919, Henrietta Heald [SOCANTS]
25 April – Annual General Meeting and Chairman’s Choice [Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group]
27 April – Long Meg and her Daughters, Paul Frodsham [ALTOGETHER]
27 April – Living in Harm’s Way: Further reflections on the development of Hornby Castle, Wensleydale, Erik Matthews [ARCH & ARCH]

May 2019
1 May – Vikings in Scotland: some close encounters of the museum kind, Trevor Cowie [TILLVAS]
8 May – AGM and From Nursing to Archaeology, Charlotte Roberts [CCA]
8 May – Henge Monuments and the enclosed cosmos, Pete Topping [NAG]
13 May – Lyres and spears: the hunt for poetries of the Northern Iron Age, Dr Graeme Lawson [BAS]
25 May – The Two Brothers, Roger Forshaw [NEAES] 
29 May – Recent fieldwork on Lindisfarne… shedding light on the early Medieval monastery, David Petts and Richard Carlton [SOCANTS]
May – AGM, title and speaker to be announced [ARCH & ARCH]
May – Hidden Monuments, Emma Watson, date and venue to be announced [TAS]

June 2019
3 June – Gods and heroes: public and private in Pompeian houses, Dr Thea Ravesi [BAS]
5 June – Riding West: Roman Cavalry Tombstones at Hexham & Beyond, Lindsay Allason-Jones [TILLVAS]
25 June – The Yarm Helmet, Chris Caple [TAS]
26 June – Paints and Pigments in the Past: colouring in the Roman Frontiers, Louisa Campbell [SOCANTS]

July 2019
13 July – Work in Thebes, Jose Manuel Galan [NEAES]
20 July – The Archaeology of Domestic Innovation in the Country House, Prof Marilyn Palmer [ARCH & ARCH]
31 July – From Women’s Rights to Human Rights: How the Struggle for the Vote Changed the World, Rosie Serdiville [SOCANTS]

August 2019
12 to 16 August – Ancient Egypt Summer School [NEAES]

28 August – The Past Beneath the Lawns; current excavations at Auckland Castle, John Castling and Chris Gerrard [SOCANTS]

September 2019
2 September – Whitby Abbey, Tony Wilmott [BAS]
4 September – The Bowl Hole Cemetery at Bamburgh, Graeme Young [TILLVAS]
14 September – Mapping the Khandaq Shapur: One of the Great Barriers of the Ancient World [ARCH & ARCH]
24 September – Rememorial WW1: Uncovering the Tees Valley’s experiences of the aftermath of the First World War, Dr Ben Roberts [TAS]
25 September – (Re)Discovering Ava: the Achavanich Beaker Burial project, Maya Hoole [SOCANTS]
26 September – The Cresswell Tower Project, Barry Mead [CCA]

October 2019
6 October – James IV Memorial Lecture: In the Land of the Giants – a journey through the Dark Ages, Max Adams [TILLVAS]
7 October – Carpow, Corbridge and Carlisle: Roman armour developments in Northern Britain, Dr Jon Coulson [BAS]
9 October – First Farmers in Neolithic Britain: new methods, new interpretations, Prof Peter Rowley-Conwy [NAG]
10 October – Appleby Moot Hall, Marion Barter [APPLEBY]
12 October – An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Church Architecture in Stone and Early Vernacular Buildings focusing on Medieval longhouses and their Post-Medieval derivatives, Alan Newham and Martin Roberts respectively [ALTOGETHER]
12 October – Micro-stories and Material Culture: Re-examining Medieval Castles, Dr Karen Dempsey [ARCH & ARCH]
12 October – My Favourite Things in the Egypt Centre, Carolyn Graves-Brown [NEAES]
13 October – David Dippie Dixon lectures: Exploring an historic townscape and its hinterland: Wallingford from Saxon to late Medieval, and Bell towers: origins, forms and functions, Prof Neil Christie [CCA]
14 October – Binchester Roman Fort, David Mason [LUNESDALE]
29 October – Rock Art of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg in South Africa, Aron Mazel [TAS]
30 October – The Manorial Documents Register For Northumberland, Sue Wood [SOCANTS]

November 2019
4 November – Recent Excavations on Iron Age Sites in North Northumberland, Richard Carlton [BAS]
6 November – The Crannogs of Loch Tay, Dr Michael Stratigos [TILLVAS]
7 November – Cocwudu: Ancient Woodlands and Frontiers of Central Northumberland, Max Adams [CCA]
9 November – Architectural Practice in North Eastern England, Dr Richard Pears [ARCH & ARCH]
11 November – The enclosures on Birkett Knott and Howe Robin, and the context of Early Neolithic enclosures in the north, Alistair Oswald [LUNESDALE]
13 November – AGM and Why Brockley Whins?, Gordon Moir [NAG]
14 November – The Railway Revolution, Les Turnbull [CCA]
14 November – Towton Battlefield Society, Chris Berendt [APPLEBY]
16 November – Funerary Evidence for Anglo-Saxon Children as well as Holwick Excavations and Finds, Rebecca Gowland, Martin Green and Tony Metcalfe [ALTOGETHER]
23 November – Annual Study Day and AGM: Seti I, Nicky Neilsen and other speakers to be announced [NEAES]
26 November – Annual Update of his archaeological work, Steve Sherlock [TAS]
27 November – Finding Ralph Taylor, Keith Wrightson [SOCANTS]

December 2019
2 December – The Bronze Age in Lowland Scotland (title to be confirmed), Dr Trevor Cowie [BAS]
4 December – Tracks through the Cheviots, David Jones [TILLVAS]
7 December – The Annual Elgee Memorial Lecture: Durham and Dunbar: Scottish Soldiers at Palace Green, Richard Annis [TAS]
9 December – Fairhaven Lake restoration project, Stephen King [LUNESDALE]
11 December – Christmas Event [NAG]
12 December – Research at Vindolanda, Rhys Williams [APPLEBY]
December  – Annual Members Meeting [ARCH & ARCH]

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