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CBA North Update

CBA North News

January has been and is going (if not gone) in a flash!

A quick reminder that tonight is the first meeting of the Teesside Archaeological Society for 2017 (on a Newcastle site) and the following day sees another by the Till Valley Archaeological Society (on Roman Binchester). We have continued to update our CBA North website pages with events from the Northumberland Archaeological Group, one of our group members, and hope to have emails out to you in February to bring you further news soon.

Best wishes,

CBA North Committee, 31.01.2017

Events listed on the CBA North website
Details of the next three Northumberland Archaeological Group [NAG] lectures have now been added to our Events page. Though January is almost over these additions take the list up to 65 and more events, including our own, are promised to come.

Please let us know any questions, comments or information that you have by emailing

Enriching The List and further events

CBA North News

In this issue we’ve two main stories – an update of our own events page, updated since its launch at the start if the month, as well as of an event this coming weekend. Community archaeology has been active since the start of the year and CBA North Committee also been busy chasing up leads for stories we think will be of interest to you.

We’ll continue, however, to highlight local groups activities and events as well. Now we are in 2017 we’re looking forward to hearing of your plans for this year. We have updated our own Committee pages to refresh the details, including some pictures, of your committee for 2017.

Best wishes,

CBA North Committee, 22.01.2017

Enriching The List
[The Enriching The List project has been underway for some time now. Within the CBA North region there are all types of designated sites that might be investigated and pictured. These include the 15000th entry for the national project with a picture of Egglestone Abbey, near Barnard Castle, County Durham.

This Historic England event takes place on Saturday this weekend; if you would like to get involved then you will need to book with Nicola by Wednesday. Clickable details are given below for Nicola if you can make the date and for the project as a whole if you can’t, Ed.]

We would like to invite you to attend a free Historic England workshop being held at Locomotion, the National Railway Museum at Shildon on Saturday the 28th January, 9.00am – 1.30pm.

The event will provide information on the National Heritage List for England (the official list of England’s most significant places) and will explain how local heritage and community groups can add their own information to this list.  The museum is also offering delegates a free Railways Tour after the workshop.

Further details on the project can be found at here. A particular focus for the project, particularly apt for Shildon and the north east generally, will be for local railway information. Other examples of what has already been submitted can be found with the #ListEngland hash tag on Twitter.

Nicola Harrison
Local Engagement Adviser: North East
National Planning Department
Historic England
Bessie Surtees House
41-44 Sandhill
Newcastle upon Tyne
Direct dial: 0191 269 1207

Events listed on the CBA North website
We have continued to update our CBA North website pages throughout January. We now have a list of 62 events throughout 2017 of our local groups and others again. Let us know of any more that you know of – either as part of a regular series for the Events page or as specials which we can publicize for you – throughout the year.

Our last email was opened by 183 people (so far) across, and beyond, the CBA North region. If you can’t see your local society’s programme here, please let us know if you want that adding in.

Please let us know any questions, comments or information that you have by emailing


2017 events listed

CBA North Chair’s Message for 2017

Dear Members and Followers,

Happy New Year for 2017!

The past year has seen the commemoration of many historic events including the Battle of Hastings, the tercentenary of Capability Brown’s birth, the founding of the Cumberland and Westmorland Archaeological and Antiquarian Society 150 years ago and the 100 years since the Somme to name just a few. Unfortunately one of the events of the past year has also been the disbandment of the Association of Northumberland Local History Societies in its 50th anniversary year, an organization similar to our own representing groups and individuals interested in the past of the region.

The turn of the year, therefore, is an appropriate time to look both forwards and backwards for CBA North. Currently there are about 200 Members of CBA North through the positive opt-ins of National members and as North region members alone – thank you for your support it is much appreciated, some seven local archaeological group members (representing something like 730 more again) and 1130 or so followers of our Twitter social media. All these numbers are slowly, generally, rising although new members and followers are always welcome through any of the possible permutations of membership.

Hand-in-hand with membership we continue to look at what we provide to you as benefits of being a member, as well as seeking to improve the information provided to us. Whilst we have provided emailed information to you, we have also given opportunities for presentation and networking in other activities as well. Unfortunately, opportunities to hear two talks by local groups of their fieldwork, as well as a behind the scenes tour of Corbridge Roman Town (2016 AGM) in addition to contributing to the group’s work in the business of the meeting, and the chance to visit excavations at Derwentcote the following month only had very limited support. We are well aware of local groups publicizing their work in a very limited fashion, and these could be more generally shared through the CBA North network, allowing the full sharing of knowledge, skills and experience.

It is with the continued aim of building up the network up that we are organising an event for March/April (date to be confirmed) to be held in Newcastle. This, and other information in future, will be emailed out to Members first (please make sure we have a current email address) before it becomes available for our Followers and website. We hope that you continue as a member, and others will join also, on seeing the benefits of membership. We really want you, either individually or as group members, to see what real benefits you have in being a member, and increasingly get involved in our activities. We can do much together where an individual or small group cannot. Our webpages have been revised for 2017 and now include some photographs of CBA North Committee. All, myself, included represent different sectors and groups, audiences and by dint of their location areas, of our region; please contact and discuss with them your thoughts for CBA North.

Once again information on meetings, events, and other materials for the emails to Members, are welcomed by Committee. We are the regional archaeological group and can help smaller groups to promote their own activities, events and fieldwork to a wider audience, as well as being increasingly being consulted and involved as well as promoting regional activities on your behalf. It is only through your contributions and comments that we can best represent you and your interests with our contacts – as CBA National itself says Participate, Discover and Advocate!

Best wishes for the New Year,

Richard Forster
CBA North Chair, 02.01.2017

Events for 2017 listed by CBA North
We’ve also updated our CBA North website pages with a list of all 52 or so of the 2017 events known to us from the programmes of a number of local societies. Please feel free to let us know of any more that you know of – either as part of a regular series for the Events page or as specials – throughout the year.

If you can’t see your local society’s programme here, please let us know if you want that adding in.

Please let us know if your society’s details are incorrect or need amending. All details are correct to the best of our knowledge, however it is suggested you confirm with the appropriate organisation and the contact details given of the local societies. The best way to contact us is through emailing

Enjoy! As ever check with the local society concerned for any further details that you may need. Their details can be found on our Local Societies and Groups page.