Disappointing news for CBA North Members and Followers: the ending of A-Level Archaeology

The Archaeology course, together with that for Classical Civilisations and History of Art A-Levels, will not be offered by the education charity the AQA.

CBA North is very disappointed by this, which we believe to be a blow at a time when the sector is seeking to increase opportunities for young people to practise archaeology. The themes of the course, as with those of the other courses mentioned, were revised, and well received, last year as part of a Government consultation which makes this decision particularly disappointing.

CBA National has issued a note giving further details of the situation, including a response from the AQA, which can be found at http://new.archaeologyuk.org/news/aqa-cuts-a-level-archaeology-from-curriculum.

An online petition has been set up calling for a reprieve of the subject and Members are asked to give consideration to adding their signature. The petition can be found at https://www.change.org/p/aqa-save-a-level-archaeology. CBA North committee joins with partners in the wider archaeology sector to urge Government and the AQA to reconsider this decision in the light of the potential damage to the profession and withdrawal of opportunities for people of all ages of the benefits studying archaeology can bring.

Chris Jones
CBA North Deputy Chair, 20.10.2016

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