Defending the Tees

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We’ve had various answers for the collective noun for the Roman archaeology conferences we sent you details of earlier this week – more suggestions are welcome!

Regardless of such trivial things the last email was one of our most read by 80 members (by members and who they passed it onto 235 at the last count). One of the reasons CBA North exists is to promote the work, events and activities of local groups across the area where themes, interests and information can be shared.

We have already been passed details for events in to 2017 by the Appleby Archaeology Group and the Till Valley Archaeological Society, and, as the start of this year, aim to send out a 2017 listing in January. Make sure your group’s programme is included as this tends to be the most read email and retweeted notice of the year! The news of what local groups have been up is also welcomed.

Short notice but there are events this weekend, as well as Monday, across the region and across all archaeological periods.

Best wishes,

CBA North Committee

Defending the Tees

October 2016’s calendar of regular society events
3 October – Depicting the Dead: an insight into craniofacial analysis for forensic identification and archaeological investigation, Dr Eilidh Ferguson [BAS]
8 October – Death on the Nile: Uncovering Lives and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt [NEAES]
9 October – Bosworth 1485, Dr Glenn Foard [TILLVAS]
12 October –  Excavations at Derwentcote: a Study in Nineteenth Century Worker’s Housing, Rob Young [NAG]
13 October – Mapping the Medieval Landscape of Cumbria, Dr Caron Newman [APPLEBY]
16 October – David Dippie Dixon Memorial Lectures: William Boyd and Controversy as well as Neanderthal Hunting and animal avoidance strategies, Professor Mark White [CCA]
19 October – The archaeology of St John Lateran and the transformation of Rome from Septimius Severus to Constantine, Professor Ian Haynes [ARCH & ARCH]
25 October – Children of the Revolution, Dr Becky Gowland [TAS]
26 October – Kirkharle, Rothley and Alnwick: the three Northumberland landscapes of Capability Brown, Nick Owen [SANT]

Details as to times and venues for all these events can be found in our Local Societies and Groups page (‘‘) of our website.

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