Gertrude Bell and the ‘Woman Question’

Helen Berry, Professor of British History, Newcastle University

This lecture is part of the Newcastle University Insights lecture series.

Admission is free with no pre-booking required.

Date: 23rd February 2016

Time: 17:30 – 18:45

Venue: Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building

Newcastle University holds an extraordinary and unique archive of letters, diaries and photographs belonging to Gertrude Bell, one of the most remarkable women of the 20th century. A contemporary of T E Lawrence (‘Lawrence of Arabia’), until recently Bell has been little known beyond the specialist world of Middle Eastern archaeology, and yet her legacy is significant: for example, she played a major role in the political settlement that led to the formation of modern-day Iraq. In conjunction with the launch of a major exhibition about Bell at the Great North Museum: Hancock, this lecture will explore the paradoxes and contradictions in Gertrude Bell’s life from the perspective of women’s history.

3 thoughts on “Gertrude Bell and the ‘Woman Question’

    1. Claire_M

      That’s great, thank you ever so much for this – and for the other reply (which isn’t showing up now, oddly?). Very much appreciated. I’m a member of CBA London, my nearest branch, and don’t make it up to Newcastle very often.


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