Early Medieval Europe Debates

Early Medieval Europe Debates is a new interdisciplinary initiative by the Departments of Archaeology and History at Durham University. All are welcome to attend EMED events. Seminars take place in the Department of Archaeology on the Science Site at 17.15 pm in room D210 (not D217) in the Dawson Building. Forthcoming seminars include:

Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham
Vikings beyond boundaries: migration and diaspora in the Viking Age and after
Thursday, 21st January

Orla Murphy, University College Cork
Early Medieval Textual Transmissions: Visual Media and the Movement of Ideas
Thursday, 18th February

Chris Scull, University College London/ University of Cardiff
Recent discoveries at Rendlesham: the archaeology and contexts of a 7th-century East Anglian royal settlement
Thursday, 10th March

E M E D is a new joint initiative by Helen Foxhall Forbes (History) and Sarah Semple (Archaeology). For further information contact the Seminar Assistant Tristan Lake (Tristan.Lake@Durham.ac.uk).

Seminars will take place in the Department of Archaeology on the Science Site in room D210 (not D217) and will be followed by drinks and usually by dinner with the speaker. If you wish to come for dinner please contact Tristan on the Tuesday before the seminar at the latest.

[Please see the attached EMED, 21.01.2016 poster for the details of previous seminars in this series].


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