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Contact and connections in the late Roman and post-Roman Atlantic

CBA North members are invited to attend, and may be interested in, the forthcoming “Contact and connections in the late Roman and post-Roman Atlantic” by Dr Maria Duggan as part of the Newcastle University Roman Archaeology Evening Seminars.

The seminar is to be held on Tuesday, 2 February 2016, in Room 1.06 of the Armstrong Building – where the Archaeology Department is situated – in Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne. It starts at 6 pm.

Further details can be found in the poster attached here. Examples of such pottery have been found from the Mote of Mark on the northern side of the Solway Firth, so does CBA North’s region still remain a blank for such pottery? And if so why one wonders?

Events for 2016 updated!

We were at 54 events listed for our Events page – we are now at 62!

The Northumberland Archaeological Group [NAG] have confirmed the titles of their March and May lectures as “Experimental Archaeometallurgy in Early-Middle Bronze Age Cyprus” and “Art connects people: Iron Age and Roman period glass bangles in Continental Europe and Britain” respectively.

Teesside Archaeological Society [TAS] have also sent on their details as well, so we have listed those on our webpage and attach details of the talks and the speakers for you here.

Are there any more events that we should be highlighting?

Please let us know what you think.

Two UNESCO lectures next week

Next week series a pair of UNESCO lectures are to be held. However both on the same day at the same time but in Durham and Newcastle. Details of both lectures are given below.

Professor Peter Stone, UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace at Newcastle University

This lecture, Cultural Property in Conflict and Peace, is part of the Newcastle University Insights lecture series. Admission is free with no pre-booking required.

This starts at 17:30 and will be just over an hour. It will be held at the Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University. Further details of this lecture can be found here,


Professor Robin Coningham, UNESCO Chair in Archaeological Ethics and Practice in Cultural Heritage at Durham University

The lecture, ‘Ships of Gold’: UNESCO, Pilgrimage and Preservation in South Asia, is part of the Durham World Heritage Site lecture series. Admission is free but booking is required for this.

This also starts at 17:30. It will be held at the Palace Green Library Learning Centre. Further details of this lecture can be found here.

Border Archaeological Society lectures

The 2016 lectures of the Border Archaeological Society can be found in our regular Events page. They begin for 2016 on Monday next week, 1 February, at the Berwick Parish Centre (opposite Berwick Barracks) at 7.30pm in Berwick. They are also listed for you below as well;

1 February – Antiquarian rubbings to Wemyss Caves 4D: 50 years of documentation of the Pictish carvings in the Wemyss Caves, Fife, Joanna Hambly
7 March – Early Bronze Age Burial Practices in NE England and SE Scotland, Dr Chris Fowler
4 April – An engraved landscape: rock carvings from the ‘Central Sahara’, Dr Tertia Barnett
9 May – The Economy of the Roman Empire: dynamic or stagnant?, Jeremy Paterson
6 June – Young Archaeologists: Newcastle University’s work with the next generation, Dr Jane Webster
5 September – Mortuary Archaeology, Dr Myra Giesen
3 October – [Title to be confirmed], Prof Caroline Wilkinson
7 November – Pagan Viking Burial in Scotland, Dr Colleen Batey
5 December – Mesolithic of Western Scotland and the Mesolithic/Neolithic of SE Europe, Prof Clive Bonsall

Contact details for the group, including their website, can be found in our Local Societies and Groups page.

Conference in Liverpool: The Cheshire Hoards and the Romano-British North West

Liz Stewart from National Museums Liverpool has sent us details of the ‘The Cheshire Hoards and the Romano-British North West’ conference – please see the flyer here with it’s fabulous picture.

This conference will run 10am-5pm on Saturday 27 February at Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool Waterfront. The full programme can be found here, with many of the papers touching on topics with a regional significance.

The conference is free and no need for pre-booking.

Scottish Soldiers Archaeology Project

The excavation and analysis of a mass grave of Scottish soldiers at Durham has been widely reported in the archaeological and regional press. Further details can be found at the Scottish Soldiers Project homepage.

Next week an event is planned to further report and discuss the project. Please click on the following link for details of the meeting where you have the chance to hear of the findings, as well as contribute to feedback on the project with your views.

Details for when and where this event is can be found at the bottom of the meeting page.

Natural History Society of Northumbria lecture: Quaternary Fluvial Archives: a new paradigm

On Friday 29 January, 7pm-8pm, at the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle, Professor Dave Bridgeland will lecture on work over the past few decades which has pulled together geological and geomorphological records from rivers in the Quaternary Period that show interesting patterns of similarity and difference, which can be related to climate, its zonation and fluctuation, and to crustal provinces. Quaternary ice ages have influenced our landscape far beyond the immediate reach of the ice sheets themselves.

David Bridgland is a Professor in the Department of Geography at Durham University, with research interests in Quaternary environmental change and fluvial history, with reference to palaeontology and archaeology. Until recently he was President of the Geologist’s Association.

The lectures of the Natural History Society of Northumbria are usually held every Friday evening, starting at 7pm, in the learning suite on the ground floor of the Great North Museum: Hancock. The museum is closed to the public at this time, so entry is via both side entrances.

Entry is from 6.20pm and tea, coffee and biscuits are available and the opportunity to socialise. Speakers give an illustrated presentation for 45mins-1 hour and then open the floor for questions and discussions.

Non-members are very welcome to attend but we ask that they kindly make a donation on the night to support these lectures. Further details of the lecture programme can be found at

CBA North information for next week – Teesside and Newcastle lectures

Next week sees the start of two regular lecture series by two more local groups.

The 2016 Teesside Archaeological Society’s lectures start on Tuesday, 26th January, at 7.30 in Stockton Central Library, Stockton, with a short AGM to be followed by Lauren Wilkinson (Archaeologist & Site Education Officer) from the Vindolanda Trust give a talk on Vindolanda.

The following day the Anniversary Meeting of The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, Wednesday, 27th January, at 6.00 will be at the Mining Institute, Newcastle upon Tyne, and see Matt Perry on “Commemorating the Jarrow Crusade: why the Crusade remains relevant today”.

Contact details for each society can, as ever, be found in Local Societies and Groups page.

Our regular events page now has 54 events for 2016 – though even more details are still to come!


Early Medieval Europe Debates

Early Medieval Europe Debates is a new interdisciplinary initiative by the Departments of Archaeology and History at Durham University. All are welcome to attend EMED events. Seminars take place in the Department of Archaeology on the Science Site at 17.15 pm in room D210 (not D217) in the Dawson Building. Forthcoming seminars include:

Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham
Vikings beyond boundaries: migration and diaspora in the Viking Age and after
Thursday, 21st January

Orla Murphy, University College Cork
Early Medieval Textual Transmissions: Visual Media and the Movement of Ideas
Thursday, 18th February

Chris Scull, University College London/ University of Cardiff
Recent discoveries at Rendlesham: the archaeology and contexts of a 7th-century East Anglian royal settlement
Thursday, 10th March

E M E D is a new joint initiative by Helen Foxhall Forbes (History) and Sarah Semple (Archaeology). For further information contact the Seminar Assistant Tristan Lake (

Seminars will take place in the Department of Archaeology on the Science Site in room D210 (not D217) and will be followed by drinks and usually by dinner with the speaker. If you wish to come for dinner please contact Tristan on the Tuesday before the seminar at the latest.

[Please see the attached EMED, 21.01.2016 poster for the details of previous seminars in this series].

CBA North information for this week

This week sees the start of the two regular lecture series by local groups.

The Northumberland Archaeological Group’s first lecture is on Wednesday, with David Astbury talking on “Settlements in Southeast Northumberland: new discoveries through remote sensing”.

On Saturday Colm O’Brien will be talking on “Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Networks in Ireland, Scotland, England: an Inishowen Case Study” which is their first lecture of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland. Their poster giving you details for this lecture is AASDN, 16.01.2016

Coquetdale Community Archaeology have sent us details of their programme up to May (though some details have yet to be confirmed) which I’ve added to our Events page for their details as CCA. We’ll announce their programme nearer the date of their first lecture. Our events page now has 53 events for 2016 – more details are still to come!