Northumberland Garden Seminar


Northumberland Garden Seminar 

Saturday, 26th September, 2015, Felton Park followed by  Gallery 45, Felton

Programme and Speakers:

9.30   Meet at Felton Park greenhouse, which will be almost complete.

10.00 Walk/drive to Gallery 45

10.15 Coffee

10.30 to 12.30:

  • Harry Beamish, who carried out Historic England’s research into the greenhouse,on why the greenhouse is so unusual.
  • Dr David Marsh, garden historian, on John Claudius Loudon’s contribution to popular gardening.
  • Geoff Bailey, descendant of W & D Bailey (Iron Founders) of Holborn, who acquired Loudon’s patent in 1818, on how the greenhouse was
  • Fiona Green, Chairman of Northumbria Gardens Trust, on Northumberland’s gardening culture.

12.30 Concluding Remarks

1.00   (Optional) Lunch at Northumberland Arms

Tickets (60 places): Seminar only £3; Lunch at Northumberland Arms £20.

Apply: or  Tim Maxwell: 01670 787776



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