Talk: How Many Roads Lead to Aldborough ? (Roman Roads)- 7/3/2015

How Many Roads Lead to Aldborough ?

Mike Turpin will give the seventh in a series of talks on The Roman Roads of North Yorkshire at Thornton le Street Village Hall between Thirsk and Northallerton on Saturday 7th March 2015 at 2.00 pm. Admission will be £2 at the door, but prior booking is advised. This programme is designed to both report on recent archaeological activity and to encourage future research within a professional framework.

Mike is an amateur community archaeologist who has spent the last three years carrying out research into the antiquarian history relating to the Roman town of Isurium Brigantum, known today as Aldborough, just east of Boroughbridge. As part of this research Mike has become involved with the work of Mike Haken of the Roman Antiquities Section of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society who gave the first of the Roman Roads of North Yorkshire talks. Mike also takes a keen interest in field archaeology, particularly the implementation of various survey technologies.

Aldborough played a particularly significant role within the Roman occupation of Britain becoming one of the relatively few towns given the status of Civitas Capital, an administrative centre for the largest tribal area in Britain occupied by the tribes collectively known as the Brigantes. It is still not fully understood when and why this settlement was given high status by the Romans, but Mike will argue that its location and choice as Civitas Capital must in part depend on the communication infra-structure both before and after the Romans moved into Northern Britain post A.D. 69.

Mike will consider how Isurium Brigantum may have fitted into the wider network of road and river transportation. This raises many questions which Mike will continue to address in the coming months. He will include in his talk some of the archaeological evidence obtained over the last 250 years of antiquarian investigation and more recent research including reference to the work currently being undertaken by Professor Martin Millett of Cambridge University at Roman Aldborough, as well as introducing some of what can currently be seen by visitors to this important site.

Bookings can be made with John Sheehan: 01609 771878 or by email from whom further information can be obtained.


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