The Roman Roads of North Yorkshire: The Greta Bridge Crossing- 8/11/2014

The Roman Roads of North Yorkshire:  The Greta Bridge Crossing

Dr David Mason will give the third of a series of talks on The Roman Roads of North Yorkshire at Thornton le Street Village Hall between Thirsk and Northallerton on Saturday 8th November 2014 at 2.00 pm. Admission will be £2 at the door, but prior booking is required. This programme is designed to both report on recent activity and to encourage future research within a professional framework.

David is Principal Archaeologist at Durham County Council, Editor of the journal of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland and an Honorary Research Fellow at Durham University. He has followed a distinguished career in the public and private sectors and since taking up the position at Durham has supervised ground breaking work at Binchester, Piercebridge and Greta Bridge, each located on important Roman routes.

He will report on his recent work at Greta Bridge where earthworks remain of the Roman fort, which was occupied from the mid second century to the late fourth century. Along with the Roman fort situated a few miles to the west at Bowes, it guarded the cross Pennine road, now known as the M66 (Margary 82). David will place his recent work in the context of this route, and its associated fortifications, which links Scotch Corner to the Stainmore Pass.

Bookings to be made with John Sheehan: Telephone 01609 771878 or email from whom further information can be obtained.





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