Historic Mapping Workshop – Saturday, 15th November

The Study of Historic Maps: A Workshop

The third in a series of workshops on archaeological techniques will take place at Thornton le Street Village Hall near Thirsk on Saturday, 15th November between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm

Outline of the Day

History and Development of Mapping

An introduction to the reasons for and processes of map making over the centuries (and millennia) and how these have resulted in the different kinds of mapping available to historians and archaeologists today.

Types of Historic Mapping

An exploration of the most common (and some uncommon) types of historic mapping that you might expect to consult during the courses of historic research.

Where to find Historic Mapping

An overview of the physical and digital locations where mapping can be obtained for historic and archaeological research.

Map Regression

A practical exercise in techniques of manual historic map regression using a series of maps of different ages and forms. This session will also look at inferring the presence of archaeological features from historic mapping.

Digital Mapping: an Overview

An introduction, in lecture form, to the ways in which digital approaches to historic mapping are currently being used. This will include an overview of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and how this is increasingly being used to drive map-based historic research.

About Solstice Heritage

The workshop is being run by Jim Brightman of Solstice Heritage. Jim is an independent archaeologist and heritage consultant based in the local area who has spent a substantial amount of his career to date helping to set up and run community and volunteer archaeology projects. Following a degree and research-based Masters investigating the Roman frontier of northern Britain, Jim spent 8 years working on a variety of projects in the Peak District and southern Pennines before relocating to his childhood home near Catterick in mid-2012, aiming to help set up projects looking into the archaeology of the fascinating, yet understudied, Vale of Mowbray.


Prior booking is required. The fee for the workshop is £20. There will be a lunch break between 12.00 and 1.00 pm, but lunch is not provided. Cheques in favour of Solstice Heritage to be forwarded to John Sheehan, 4 Arden Mews, Northallerton DL6 1 EN. There will be an additional charge of £2 on the day to cover accommodation and refreshment costs. For further information please contact John Sheehan on 01609 771878 or by email: jgsheehan@btinternet.com


1 thought on “Historic Mapping Workshop – Saturday, 15th November

  1. Grace McCombie

    That will be very useful I’m sure. I would like tp point out to the author of this note that in

    you cannot have a ‘substantial amount of a career’ .

    I suggest ‘ a great part of’ or ‘much of’ would be better. ‘Amount’ relates to a *quantity* not a length of time. Sorry to be nerdish! Grace

    Grace McCombie T 0191 2855947 M 07964 564 346


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