Talks: The Roman Roads of North Yorkshire

The Roman Roads of North Yorkshire

A series of talks will commence in September on The Roman Roads of North Yorkshire. This programme is designed to both report on recent activity in the field and to encourage future research within a professional framework.

 * Saturday, 13th September, Mike Haken, Committee Member of the Roman Antiquities Section of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society and Editor of their Newsletter Roman Yorkshire, will introduce the subject and review the current state of knowledge.

 * Saturday, 11th October, Hugh Toller, an Independent Researcher and Field Archaeologist, will describe his recent work using LIDAR imagery to identify Roman  roads in the county. He will draw on the maps of John Warburton who traced many such routes in the first half of the 18C.

 * Saturday, 8th November, Dr David Mason, Principal Archaeologist of Durham County Council, and Editor of the journal of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland, will describe recent work at Greta Bridge (Margary 82), and the associated Fort and Vicus.

 * Saturday, 13th December, John Brown, Independent Researcher, Field Archaeologist, and member of the Mid-Tees Research Project, will illustrate his investigations into the enigmatic Tees Crossing of Cades Road (Margary 80a).

 If successful, the programme will be extended by other contributions in the New Year. If you would like to take part in the proceedings, please contact John Sheehan on 01609 771878, or email

 The talks will be held at Thornton le Street Village Hall near Thirsk at 2.00 pm. Talks will last approximately one hour, after which there will be time for discussion and refreshment.  Admission will be £2 at the door.

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