The Story Behind the Corbridge Hoard- English Heritage- 16-17/7/14

July 16th and July 17th 2014

50 years on from one of the most significant Roman finds, English Heritage is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Corbridge Hoard. This unique collection of artefacts is widely considered to be, one of the most influential Roman ‘Time Capsules’ ever discovered in Hadrian’s Wall Country.

Join our Curator, Frances McIntosh, as she brings to life the fascinating display at Corbridge Roman Town, and reveals the story behind the discovery and what we can understand from the Roman soldier’s worldly goods. These exclusive 15 minute talks will leave you hungry for more Roman history. Plan your day and visit our other Roman attractions along Hadrian’s Wall:

Talk times: 11am – 11.15am, 12 noon – 12.15pm, 2pm – 2.15pm, 3pm – 3.15pm and 4pm – 4.15pm

Booking in advance. Please call the site team on 01434 632349

For more information:


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