Tree survey at the Pinetum, Streatlam Castle – 30th May

 Please contact Martin Roberts: if you are able to take part.

I’m trying to assemble a team of 12 – 16 to undertake a tree survey at the 1864 pinetum at Streatlam Castle, near Barnard Castle, this Friday 30 May. 

 This involves the Northumbria Gardens Trust (NGT) in part, but also the researches of Caroline and Jonathan Peacock (NGT members) who are not only examining the estate documents, but also consulting with conifer experts and discovering the original C19 cast iron labels for the trees by metal detecting.  Streatlam is a private estate not normally accessible.  The owner Capt Pease is fully supportive of the work, and welcoming to all visitors and local societies who wish to enjoy the estate landscape. Through the great generosity of Northern Archaeological Associates, the survey grid was laid out and staked about two weeks ago pro bono, so it is all ready for us to survey by tape and offset.

 If you can get to Streatlam for Friday at 10am start  let me know, I’ll forward full details on how to get there.  If Saturday suits you better let me know that too in case we opt for that instead.  If the response is poor, I will rearrange at a later date – but I’m keen to get this done asap while the stakes are firmly in the ground and not disturbed by wind, weather and beasts.  No prior experience necessary.  Friday and Saturday are due to be fine days!

 There will hopefully be time to have a guided tour of the site of the castle, its walled garden, ruined orangery and interesting C18 landscape.   NEVAG and NGT will be jointly visiting the site again in July.

 Let me know if you can make it.  Images of pinetum attached – it’s a very atmospheric place beyond it’s botanical and historical importance. In the unlikely event that there is a rush, first come first served. 

 Results of survey will be archived with Durham HER and subsequently published in a form yet to be agreed.  (Basic survey certainly in NGT Journal, but Caroline and Jonathan’s researches have yet to reach their conclusion.) 

Martin Roberts   



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