Altogether Archaeology- Hexhamshire LIDAR Landscape Survey

As you may know, a team of AA volunteers has been working with Stewart Ainsworth (of TV’s Time Team) over the past 12 months to map the archaeology of the Allen Valleys using LIDAR and aerial photography (see  ).

I think it would be fair to say that those taking part have found this a fascinating and rewarding exercise. Many interesting discoveries have been made, and some participants are already making use of their new-found expertise in LIDAR analysis to study other areas of interest to them. Our LIDAR project is now moving into a new area, Hexhamshire, and there is a workshop scheduled for 7.30pm on Thursday 1st May in ALLENDALE VILLAGE HALL. at which the results of the Allen Valleys survey will be discussed and a start will be made on Hexhamshire. You will be very welcome to come along to this workshop, and if you find it interesting you will be able to sign up to participate in the Hexhamshire project.

If you are not already participating in the Allen Valleys project, but would like to attend the workshop on 1st May, please let me know by no later than Monday 28th, just so I have an idea of numbers.

Paul Frodsham
Historic Environment Officer & Altogether Archaeology Project Manager

North Pennines AONB Partnership
Weardale Business Centre
The Old Co-op Building
1 Martin Street
County Durham DL13 2UY

T: 01388 528801

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