Excavations at Wark Castle – Flodden 1513

Flodden 1513: Excavations at Wark Castle

Saturday 29th March – Tuesday 8th April 2013

Early in March GUARD Archaeology from Glasgow and Volunteers from the Flodden 1513 project carried out a three day geophysical survey at Wark Castle with a view to identifying targets for excavations at the end of March and in early April. The target of this work was a field to the west of the Castle Motte which shows features very similar to those seen in the field targeted for excavations at Norham Castle in 2013.

Wark Castle Geophysical Survey Grid

Wark Castle was for much of its life a typical Norman type Motte and Bailey and in important point of contact for international relations between England and Scotland. Along with Norham the castle was the target of a Scottish siege during the first days of James IV’s invasion of England. Little is know about the siege which took place on or around the 22-25 August 1513 other than that the castle fell to Scottish forces. After the Scottish Army was destroyed on Flodden Field the castle was recaptured by the English, and again like Norham was in the following 10 years subject to a redevelopment programme paid for by Henry VIII that saw the motte capped with a new stone artillery tower.

Wark Castle Resistivity Survey Results

The Geophysical survey and coming excavations are an opportunity to examine buried features to the west of the castle motte. It is hoped that these will allow us to investigate some or all of the following:

      • Evidence from the 1513 siege of Wark Castle
      • The wider extent of the Wark Castle
      • Features of the refurbishment of the Castle between 1514-1520
          For those wishing to take part no previous experience is necessary just a willingness to join in and try it out. Volunteers wishing to sign up can join in for 1/2 or whole days and for individual periods or the whole 10 days.

For those wishing to book places please contact Chris Burgess (Flodden500@gmail.com) to book a place on a first come first served basis.

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