Flodden Geophysical Training March 3-6th

Flodden Geophysical Training March 3-6th

Monday 3rd March – Wednesday 6th March 2013

Geophysical survey will start at WARK CASTLE on 3rd March 2014 and continue for 3 days. Volunteers are welcome between 10am and 4pm daily and will have an opportunity to use geophysical equipment and work with professional geophysicists from Glasgow University.

No previous experience is necessary just a willingness to join in and try it out. Volunteers wishing to sign up can join in for 1/2 or whole days and for individual periods or the whole 3 days.

Those taking part will need to wear none magnetic clothing (i.e. no metal) so wellies or walking boots with plastic eyes, trousers where possible without metal studs or zips and similarly coats with plastic zips would be preferable

Please contact Chris Burgess (Flodden500@gmail.com) to book a place on a first come first served basis.


1 thought on “Flodden Geophysical Training March 3-6th

  1. hugdavliv@btinternet.com

    Chris, l would like to have my name put down for the 3rd or 4th please, any time.  As my knees are arthritic, there is no chance of me volunteering for a proper dig, regards Bob Hughes

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