The English Civil War in the North East


The English Civil War in the North East in association with Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

A series of three talks on the English Civil War and the involvement of the north east in the struggle between King and Parliament. The talks will take place at South Shields Museum from 14:00 to 15:30. To book please call 0191 4568740 or email

Talk One – A New Dynasty — Thursday 6th March 2014

In this talk we will look at the coming of the Stuarts in 1603 and consider the origins of the struggle between the monarchy and parliament. We will conclude with a detailed look at the Battle of Newburn Ford (1640) on the western fringes of Newcastle. It was this battle that forced Charles I to abandon his long period of direct rule without Parliament.

Talk Two – A Nation At War With Itself — Thursday 13th March 2014

This talk will cover the descent into civil war. The north east was peripheral to the early phase of the Civil War. We will look at this period in summary and consider the events leading to the invasion of the Scots on the side of Parliament in 1644 and the fighting that began in Northumberland.

Talk Three – Newcastle At Bay — Thursday 20th March 2014

This talk will move into the second half of 1644 culminating in the Siege of Newcastle. This will include a look at the lesser known Siege of South Shields and the fighting between Newcastle and Sunderland. We will conclude with details of the aftermath of these actions and briefly summarise the events leading to the execution of Charles I and the abolition of the monarchy.

Field Trip — Thursday 27th March 2014

We will conclude the series with a visit to the battlefield of Newburn Ford to the west of Newcastle. Standing on the ground is the best way to understand how battles were fought.

For more information : BT_Leaflet_CivilWar_NE


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