On the 23rd November 2013,  #invadeDurham took place as part of the Protected Urban Planet project. #invadeDurham gives communities the opportunity to share views on what Durham and its changes mean to them. Building on a Durham University-UNESCO conference in 2012, #invadeDurham follows in the footsteps of an Italian initiative, “Invasioni Digitali” (www.invasionidigitali.it), which involves communities in co-creating cultural values. Led by Fabrizio Todisco, “Invasioni Digitali”, has performed more than 225 invasions, in cities like Rome and Florence, providing a creative moment when the public can engage and voice their feelings on the cultural heritage of their cities.

#invadeDurham is the first such project outside Italy, led by Ana Pereira Roders, Sarah Semple and Jamie Davies, but involving many more academics and students. #invadeDurham integrates an academic approach, facilitating a project that will enable communities worldwide to raise their voices through the renewed platform Protected Urban Planet. The project is supported by Durham University, the Durham World Heritage Site Visitor Centre and Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. The event has been facilitated by an award from Durham University Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies and will be hosted at the Durham World Heritage Centre.  Ana Pereira Roders is a visiting fellow with the Durham Institute of Advanced Studies, holding a Durham International Fellowship for Research and Enterprise (COFUND).

On Saturday 23rd November 2013, over 200 people participated in #invadeDurham by taking photographs, writing notes or through video and audio recordings as they revealed what makes Durham significant and providing comments and criticisms about Durham as a World Heritage City.

For a video of the project see:http://vimeo.com/79725736

To view the data from #invadeDurham and to contribute your own photographs got to: http://durham.vannut.nl/invade

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